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I finally got around to watching a DVD of the latest Star Trek with Chris Pine as Jim Kirk. Since I am one of the few people in the world who knows that the original series was based on Plato’s Republic, I should have seen the thing the day it was released. Under ordinary circumstances, I might. But it’s been a little busy around here lately.

Anyway, the movie is a prequel of sorts, but set in an alternate reality when the damn Romulans invade from the future and screw things up. Damn Romulans. So there are all sorts of things you don’t expect, like Uhura sucking face with Spock. Some purists don’t like it. I did. Not the Vulcan necking necessarily, but the whole thing. The chemistry was there. The characters were young again, which is big. As much as I like Bill Shatner, seeing a 60 year old guy in a toupee doesn’t really scratch the hero itch you know? And I could just hear a whole theater applaud when Scotty or Bones say their signature lines. I just wish my brother Paul were here to enjoy it with me.

Next, when I get a chance: Quantum of Solace.


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