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Not exactly.

But Ann passed her driver license test this past week. Parallel parking and everything.

To say that she’s a driving, errand running fool is an understatement. I can’t blame her. Plus, I’ll never have to buy another maxi pad again. Not a one!

More at Westchester Real Estate Blog. I’d write more here but Mad Men is on soon.


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Ann has begun a her first blog, entitled  Dwellings. I have thought that she should blog for quite some time; she has a voice. It is also therapeutic. She started it on Blogspot a few days ago, which I found ironic- I just migrated my old postings from Typepad to WordPress. I told her that she should migrate to Worpress because I was familiar with it and could help her with tags, etc.

Long story short, not a good move. She’s happy with the Blogger interface, and WordPress won’t let her duplicate her theme, or even a close approximation. So a simple migration becomes a project. We don’t need more projects around here. I’d rather learn Blogger than have her learn WordPress when we have a night of Elf Work ahead of us, and the lightest week of the year to look forward to to catch our breaths. Why is nothing simple?

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10 years ago, during Thanksgiving week of 1999, I went on a lunch date. It went pretty well; we said goodbye at 1:30… AM. I lived upstate in Rochester at the time and she was in Queens, so by June of 2000 I was back home in Westchester to be closer to her. In December of 2000 we were engaged, and on September 29, 2001 Ann Lee became Ann Lee Faranda.

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September 29, 2001

Phil & Ann 2009

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