This is the first time that the North has killed a S Korean civilian since 1953. Yet China can’t condemn the attack and can’t parse words enough to avoid ruffling feathers of a Kangaroo Country?  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/29/world/asia/29korea.html?_r=1&hp


The Elephant Hotel in Somers, NY. We used to drive past this every time we drove to my Grandmother’s house in Brewster. If we didn’t see her on Thanksgiving, we’d see her the day after.

Giants win. Check.

Cowboys lose. Check. In heartbreaking fashion, double check.

Eagles lose. Check.

Yes. It was a very good opening to the football season.

Not exactly.

But Ann passed her driver license test this past week. Parallel parking and everything.

To say that she’s a driving, errand running fool is an understatement. I can’t blame her. Plus, I’ll never have to buy another maxi pad again. Not a one!

More at Westchester Real Estate Blog. I’d write more here but Mad Men is on soon.

It isn’t easy being Catholic right now. There are attacks on Rome everywhere.  You cannot defend the Church; what happened is indefensible. No Catholic I know is not enraged by the systemic abuse and cover ups.

Now, before I go on, spare me the vitriol you might have for apologists for the Church. I have issues a mile long, and I went to Kennedy Catholic when Frank Stinner was head of the religion department and coached JV soccer. We knew he was a sicko. The hierarchy knew he was a pederast. I was in one class of his and went to confession with him twice. He tried to be my back-slapping pal. I avoided him because he made my skin crawl after one soccer practice.

There is no defending the Church. There is defending the Truth. And the low punches about things completely unrelated to the scandals reveal some unflattering things about too many people out there.

  • Papal infallibility does not mean the Pope can say 2+2=5. It means he is the highest authority on Catholic theological matters. Period.
  • The Church is not the cause of AIDS in Africa simply because they preach against artificial contraception (i.e., sex with a condom). As much as I dislike that teaching, by the way, the point is that priests in Africa are not telling men to raw dog it all over the place, they are preaching abstention and marital monogamy, both of which are pretty well more effective than sex with a condom with anyone. It isn’t sex with a condom vs sex without. It is sex with a condom vs no sex or sex with your wife only.
  • The Inquisition ended almost 300 years ago. Get over it.
  • Pope Pius XII didn’t stand up to Hitler, huh. Neither did entire nations.

I have often described myself as a heretical Catholic. I see clerical celibacy as stupid and unneeded. I am for gay marriage. I have no issue with female ordination or contraception (and we have 4 children). Maybe I’m a “cafeteria Catholic.” Perhaps. That’s between me and other Catholics and maybe me and God. But it is the only faith I have, such as it is, and human beings, especially haters and some evil bishops and priests won’t take it away from me. I know too many good Catholics to have that happen.