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Brief Thoughts on a Sad Day

If these weren’t the times they are, the weeks approaching my 5th wedding anniversary would be far more joyful. Today was eerily reminiscent of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks: sunny, warm, puffy cotton clouds, and just a hint of coming autumn. So sad that such beauty would summon a feeling of melancholy. I was lucky 5 years ago. There was no casualty in my immediate sphere of influence. Not so with my oldest brother, who reflects on his loss of a good rugby mate here.

Since the talk now is of the new building proposals, I’ll repost my vote. I think it sends the appropriate message to those who wish us ill.



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This post on The Belgravia Dispatch, via Instapundit, is a good rebuttal of Maureen Dowd in itself but some of the comments are especially timely. Especially this and this.
I am sad that there are some who are so obsessed with being being against the war that they are actively rooting against the Coalition’s progress over there. Hell, I’d be happy to be wrong.

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The US has finally begun to engage outlets like al Qaeda Jazeera and the NY Times doesn’t like it one bit.
Good. It’s about time we started fighting fire with fire. If state-run media continue to slant the news in the region against us, we have to respond in kind. The Times should hardy act morally superior. This is a war, not an Upper East Side cocktail party.

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Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk is a British Journalist who wrote a book entitled The Great War for Civilisation, a 1000-page book that is critical of US Middle East policy. They are interviewing him on NPR right now, and as you might expect, he’s very anti-Bush, anti-Israel, and in general anti War on Terror. A journalist in the Middle East for 30 years, he interviewed Osama bin Laden three times, and by his own account, ObL vowed to make the US a "shadow of its former self" as far back as 1996.
Given bin Laden’s attacks on the US since that vow, one wonders what Fisk believes to be a self-defensible action, or what constitutes a justifiable act of self defense. It is interesting to hear him parse words when addressing the criticisms of his writing. For instance, in his book, one of his first two acknowledgments is Yasser Arafat. His defense: He went in alphabetical order.
I think he misses the point. That’s like my wife finding me in bed with another woman and me saying "it’s OK. She knocked."
I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said
we are making enemies faster than we can kill them
Hogwash. Given Fisk’s own words, they were our enemies from the start.

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Not long ago, Maureen Dowd, that sweet, compassionate, open minded liberal columnist for the NY Times, wrote that Cindy Sheehan had "absolute moral authority" to speak out on Iraq because she lost her son in the war. My friend Andrew Clem emailed me the following links that show someone else with absolute moral authority answering back in an interview with Chris Wallace of FOX News.

As you probably know, Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace had as guests two Gold Star Mothers yesterday, one of whom happens to be from my community, Rhonda Winfield. Her son Marine Lance Cpl. Jason Redifer died in Iraq on Jan. 31, and she spoke very forcefully and movingly at a "support the troops" rally here in Staunton, VA on Saturday. I made a nine-minute video of the event, and posted it on my blog:

See http://andrewclem.com/Archives/Post.php?2005/08/28wa.html

I also posted three still photos of the event in an earlier blog piece:

See http://andrewclem.com/Archives/Post.php?2005/08/27wa.html

The media loves to amplify the anti Bush sentiments of 9/11 families to the virtual exclusion of those who support the administration. The same goes for families who have lost sons and daughters who have died for our country. You won’t see this on CNN or the Times.

To see Andrew’s video directly, click here.

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This letter writer in the local rag makes a point that most of us know, few say, and unfortunately, none of us will ever see:

The only hope to end terrorism in Iraq is for Muslim religious leaders around the world to speak out forcefully against terrorism and let would-be terrorists know that their actions are not pleasing to Allah and will not be rewarded. I believe it is a serious obligation for their leaders.

Extremist leaders won’t do this because THEY are the authors of the current policy. We are the infidel, we must die, and the suicide bombers do their dirty work.


Dissenting clerics from this jihadist doctrine seldom die of natural causes.

Update: Right as Usual postulates that unity through nationalism might be an answer, if the people could get past ethnic/tribal differences in favor of the country as a whole, but I can’t see it. I commented that tribal loyalties go back centuries and centuries.  These middle eastern nation states have only been in existence since the end of the Ottoman Empire around 1920. Worse, the countries were carved out virtually arbitrarily with no respect for nationality or ethnicity. It is unlikely that these people would subordinate the centuries old tribal indoctrination, even in the name of peace.

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