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I slept through New Year’s (st)Rocking eve. Ann recorded it, and we both watched Jennifer Lopez sing and dance in her catsuit. Ann called it body film. I wrote the following December 31, 2005:

Happy New Year to all, even Mariah Carey, who is wearing next to nothing on a frigid New York evening.

There are worse traditions.

Anyway, going through my old archives from that period, I got a little nostalgic for the blogs I used to read, such as Dincocrat, Dave Friedman, and others. I’ll take some time at some point and relink to a few old faves who still blog. Friedman has disappeared, and his email no longer works. I’ll bet I can conjure him up. Check the post tags. Give me 30 days.

There you are. Red Guy in a Blue State here. Dude. Email me.

I hope that works.

Back to New Year’s Eve:

I have mixed feelings on Clarke’s appearances on the annual show after his stroke. One one hand, it is courageous. On the other hand, he’s hard to understand. Given the choice, I think he should rightly stay as long as he wishes, if for no reason more than future generations need to know that people aren’t useless after they become less than perfect. Would we still elect a president who is in a wheelchair?

Still, some things don’t last forever, and J-Lo should consider an evening gown.


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I was going to have my 2nd appearance on ABC World News tonight. The usual drill: the producer calls in the late morning, Ronnie and Ann drop everything to find me, and multi task by reaching the producer and a client that fits the story. I speed home to get changed, meet them at my listing in Mt Vernon, and then we shoot. I’ve learned to hope that when this happens to hope for a slow news day, because the last time the Space shuttle delayed the story running for a week.

Alas, it was not to be. Some piece of garbage in Texas just shot up Fort Hood. Lots of deaths. Such a horrendous tragedy, and one of the casualties is my TV appearance. Thoughts and prayers for the real victims.

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On a day where judges are being murdered, The NY Times is manipulating reality, and Ikea is being labelled as sexist for not having females in their assembly manuals, I wonder aloud…
Is it me or does "The Apprentice" completely stink this season? Was that kid really screaming at George in the boardroom? How could he not have been fired? Is every contestant on the college grad team an attorney? Why do these people seem like such dullards compared to season 1?
The premise seemed so clever. Unfortunately, their cast selections are abysmal.

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