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While surfing Veoh.com yesterday, I ran into this channel. A love expert. Curious as to why a woman would ever brag about dating lots of men in “6 cities, 4 countries and 2 continents,” I googled her to see if she was for real or if she was just some loon with her own video channel. Well, she is real. Lucia Demasi, dating and relationship expert, has done a good job of carving out her niche, between radio, TV interviews, a book, the Learning Annex, and of course, the web.

I’ve been out of the dating game for 10 years now and am not up to speed on what’s trendy or how what sort of street cred a love expert needs these days. So here was my naïve question- is she married?

From her website bio:

She’s caused an ex to sob hysterically when she told him she was seeing someone new; She’s inspired a man to climb a tree outside her apartment to try to find out why she stopped returning his calls; And she’s reduced a self-described “player” to a frustrated mess, forcing him to seek advice from his famous rap star friend on how to win her over. Most recently, a man flew across the country just to see her for 5½ hours and another man said, “I love you” only one hour after meeting her.

Substitute “He” for all the “she’s”  on that paragraph and, well, yikes. I still don’t know if she’s married, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Everyone has got to earn a living. Salùd Lucia, eh.


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Here’s how they do it in my old neighborhood every Christmas Eve:

More photos here and here.

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Batter Up

As much as I have run across dozens of things I wish I could say but couldn’t on my real estate blogs, I am, strangely, at a loss for words this morning. A few thoughts:

  • My sister in law was arrested at Notre Dame this past weekend protesting President Obama’s appearance. I have asked my older brother if they could channel some of that energy toward their nephew Gregory, who has lots of specialists in his life but not enough loved ones who can devote some time to him. Joe and Tim were by Saturday to accomplish just that, for which Ann and I are grateful. 
  • Gregory is progressing.
  • The Yankees aren’t. If you need 3 walkoff hits to win 3 games in a row, you aren’t a very good team. Heroism doesn’t win in the long term, just the short term. 
  • My 2oth college reunion is this coming June. 
  • My hunch: the reason that President Obama’s policy toward terrorism detainees is morphing toward that of the prior administration is because he has seen intelligence that the rest of us have not. 
  • Few are immune to the Great Correction

More to come.

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