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I’ve blogged about it more elsewhere but here’s the link to the article. The reporter called me when Ann and I were out getting her new glasses. My phone was nearly out of juice so I had to buy a recharger and plug it in near a bench to make sure I didn’t miss her call.

Ann found me, waiting like a typical husband, and thought it funny. Anyway, the lady called while we were driving home (and connected to the car charger) and I gave her great copy. She was very gracious, emailed me to clarify a quote, and then sourced me three different times in the article.


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Shut Him Up

Craig Carton is a husband, father, and active in philanthropy. He’s from New Rochelle. Spent some time in Philly. He loves sports. He’s just about my age. I should like him. If I met him, I might, but I just can’t listen to him in the morning on WFAN anymore. He just grates on me. He’s not nearly as funny as he thinks he is, and there probably is no talking to him because his write up on the FAN’s website claims he is a ratings raiser. Not in my book.

When NPR is more interesting than a sports talk personality he has to go. I almost would rather hear Sid Rosenberg. Almost.

I understand that Don Imus had to go, and morning talk is tough territory, especially after Imus. Boomer Esiason is a classy guy, but if you told me that he secretly lit small Craig Carton dolls on fire I’d believe you.

Why does WFAN insist on employing guys who are either just learning to shave or sound like they went to the Brooklyn School of Speech Pathology?

Can we clone Steve Summers?

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I was going to have my 2nd appearance on ABC World News tonight. The usual drill: the producer calls in the late morning, Ronnie and Ann drop everything to find me, and multi task by reaching the producer and a client that fits the story. I speed home to get changed, meet them at my listing in Mt Vernon, and then we shoot. I’ve learned to hope that when this happens to hope for a slow news day, because the last time the Space shuttle delayed the story running for a week.

Alas, it was not to be. Some piece of garbage in Texas just shot up Fort Hood. Lots of deaths. Such a horrendous tragedy, and one of the casualties is my TV appearance. Thoughts and prayers for the real victims.

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After a long and protracted battle played out in the local media, a 62-year-old teacher & grandmother has finally gotten Cablevision, the local monopoly, to agree to stop pursuing her for an $1126 pay-per-view porn bill.
A retired teacher’s $1,126 cable bill for porn and gangsta rap she said she never ordered will be dropped.

Cablevision will give Claudia Lee, 62, full credit and an apology for all of the pay-per-view programs billed to the Warburton Avenue resident.

"We are continuing our internal investigation into this matter, but there will be no charge back to Ms. Lee," Cablevision spokesman Bill Powers said yesterday.

Lee said she was unclear what the company means.

"He said reimbursement. He didn’t say how much, he didn’t say how soon," Lee said. "I don’t trust them. They’ve got to show me some documentation, something in writing."

The Journal News’ coverage last week of Lee’s cable trouble prompted others to step forward with similar complaints.

This wasn’t an easy battle. The charges came not long after Mrs. Lee switched to the company’s service bundle, which included local phone service. When she had refused to pay the disputed bill, they threatened to cut off her phone service. She was forced to pay $779 to keep the phone on. If she hadn’t gone to the media, the company would have extorted every cent of the bogus bill from her.

How is this for arrogance? The company hasn’t even admitted to any mistake.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Cablevision said it was continuing its investigation, but it said that "As a courtesy to a long-standing customer, we have credited the account in full for all disputed pay-per-view orders and apologized to Ms. Lee for her negative customer experience."

This story does not surprise me about Cablevision. From their customer service on, they are a miserable, arrogant company whose directors, the Scrooges Dolans, are about as popular as root canal. The company owns a number of New York institutions, such as Madison Square garden, the Knicks basketball team, and Radio City Music Hall. This past Christmas, when the musicians at Radio City threatened to strike, the Rockettes danced to recorded music. In 2002, when their dispute with the Yankees deprived customers of Yankee broadcasts that season, we switched to satellite and never looked back.

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This comment from Wizbang, on the dearth of lovable corporate spokespeople in the wake of Dunkin Donut icon Michael Vale (who passed away this past week), says it all:
Anyone and anything to do with selling Mentos, (the fresh maker!) should be skinned alive, dipped in alcohol, lit of fire and then fed to pit bulls with gingivitis, processed by said dogs then used to fertilize weeds growing on old toxic waste dumps.
I don’t know why, but he had me at gingivitis.

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Katie Couric and CBS News

I found this quote to be funny in this article speculating on TODAY host Katie Couric’s possible defection to anchor CBS Evening News:
"Her big strength is her versatility," said analyst Andrew Tyndall. "The job of a nightly news anchor is different: it requires less range, but more depth."
Tyndall doesn’t watch TODAY. If he ever saw Couric interview anyone (with that annoying cackle) he’d know that Katie is anti-depth personified. I can’t stand her in the morning anyway, so let CBS have her. But let’s make it clear: Couric anchoring CBS News is not an upgrade, it is euthanasia.

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The US has finally begun to engage outlets like al Qaeda Jazeera and the NY Times doesn’t like it one bit.
Good. It’s about time we started fighting fire with fire. If state-run media continue to slant the news in the region against us, we have to respond in kind. The Times should hardy act morally superior. This is a war, not an Upper East Side cocktail party.

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