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While surfing Veoh.com yesterday, I ran into this channel. A love expert. Curious as to why a woman would ever brag about dating lots of men in “6 cities, 4 countries and 2 continents,” I googled her to see if she was for real or if she was just some loon with her own video channel. Well, she is real. Lucia Demasi, dating and relationship expert, has done a good job of carving out her niche, between radio, TV interviews, a book, the Learning Annex, and of course, the web.

I’ve been out of the dating game for 10 years now and am not up to speed on what’s trendy or how what sort of street cred a love expert needs these days. So here was my naïve question- is she married?

From her website bio:

She’s caused an ex to sob hysterically when she told him she was seeing someone new; She’s inspired a man to climb a tree outside her apartment to try to find out why she stopped returning his calls; And she’s reduced a self-described “player” to a frustrated mess, forcing him to seek advice from his famous rap star friend on how to win her over. Most recently, a man flew across the country just to see her for 5½ hours and another man said, “I love you” only one hour after meeting her.

Substitute “He” for all the “she’s”  on that paragraph and, well, yikes. I still don’t know if she’s married, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Everyone has got to earn a living. Salùd Lucia, eh.


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I’m a little burned out on networking websites. I Twitter, I’m active on Facebook, I have a LinkedIn account, and at some point I’ve at least set myself up on plenty of others. I am a maniac on Active Rain. I have a YouTube channel. I have a Technocrati profile. Digg. Reddit. In real estate I’m on Zillow and Trulia, and that is just the tip of the iceburg. If you think I do this because it’s fun, you’re nuts. It is all about search engine optimization, or getting found and fostering readership, some of whom will eventually become clientèle. Writing the blog is fun; I love to write. It is enjoyable, therapeutic, and relaxing. The other stuff is work.

Which brings me to Plaxo. They’ve been spamming emailing me for years, and today I broke down and linked Plaxo with my Facebook to minimize my efforts (I hope). I must admit that when I see other people who seem to have the whole networking site universe set up with aplomb I get a little jealous. I just don’t want to do all the work. And don’t get me started on Typekey, WordPress, signing into things with my Yahoo!, Google, AOL, or other established account. I know the importance of this stuff, but I have to earn a living.

Of course, when I finally get my act together with all this stuff, it will go the way of MySpace. A pimp’s work is never done.

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Why Facebook Works

I have often wondered what accounts for the enormous popularity of Facebook.  It isn’t the most user-friendly platform. AIM/Instant Message is a better utility to cyber schmoose with.  I recall when I first got online in the 90’s how neat it was to catch up with old friends with relative ease through email and instant messages, but that often dried up when people changed email servers or Internet providers. 

What gives?  One element that may make a difference is that people on Facebook use their REAL NAMES and not screen name psudonyms. That all but eliminates anonymous flaming and makes people easier to find. There is less suspicion about the safety of the Web, and only approved.friends can see the photos of your kids and family. 

This isn’t to say that Facbook won’t go the way of The Globe, AOL Communities or that old yahoo chat you no longer visit. People are already grumbling about how it has changed for the worse. There may be another flavor of the month a year or two from now. When and if that happens, people will use their real names on that one as well.

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