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How stunned are the Massachusetts Democrats? As stunned as Yankee fans were in 2004 when the Red Sox ended the Curse of the Bambino. I was at game 7 of the League Championship Series at Yankee Stadium when the Sawx completed their comeback from 0-3 to win the pennant. It was utterly unthinkable. Hell froze over.

But the Yankees didn’t play like Yankees, and curses don’t lace up spikes. You could say the same for Massachusetts- the Democrats took Kennedy’s legacy for granted, and the opponent got to work.

Unless Obama has a far worse ’10 and ’11 than the last year, Brown will be a 2-year Senator. The Democratic machine is already regrouping from this embarrassment and will go through this poor man’s garbage to unseat him in 2012.


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G-U-T-S Jets Jets Jets

OK, I was wrong. The Jets were not pasted by the Chargers. They played with enormous heart and won a gutsy 17-14 victory, a final score not lost on any Giants fans who appreciates a good underdog win away from home. Congrats to all my buddies. Here’s to an all-New Superbowl, Jets vs Saints. For that to happen, the Saints will have to beat Minnesota and the Jets will have to beat the Colts on the road.

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Mets and Jets

Show me a successful organization and I’ll show you good management. Show me a losing operation and I’ll show you poor management.

The Mets should be utterly embarrassed about how they have handled the Carlos Beltran situation. From Ricco’s conference call (where was Omar Minaya?) to Beltran’s response , it was so poorly handled you wonder how these people got jobs in Major League baseball. Met fans deserve better.

I am a Giants fan; many of my friends are Jets supporters. I am happy for them. Sorry to say, the Chargers will clean their clock this weekend.

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Yep. Unsolicited communication from Gregory this morning, totally appropriate timing, right after getting a big hug. He said it twice and looked right at me. No parroting, no repeating. Out of the blue. Big stuff.

More here and here.

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George Allen, an incumbent senator from Virginia, lost his 2006 re-election by a razor-thin margin after making controversial remarks on the stump which were interpreted by the press as racially prejudiced. He was calling out an opponent’s operative who was at the speech, made an off the cuff remark, and it reversed his momentum. He had a bad day for sure, and would love to have that one back; it cost him an almost certain re-election.

Harry Reid, US Senate Majority leader, made equally boneheaded remarks, not on the stump in a boneheaded moment, but in a new book. Like most books, it was probably revised and reviewed extensively prior to publishing. The Times ran a story on Reid’s apology, and my comment was highlighted as an editor’s choice. Here is what I wrote:

Yet again, a Democrat makes an incredibly dumb statement (in a book, not off the cuff on the stump, no less), and I see their supporters getting tribal. Reid’s supporters defend his honesty, yet whatever truths in his remarks serve only to remind us that we are in anything but a post racial society. Had a Republican senator written this in a book he’d be drawn and quartered by the media, and perhaps rightly so.

Reid should be judged by the same standards as anyone else, conservative or not, who would write and publish such stupid words. I am tired of the political wagons getting circled every time a politician reveals what a troglodyte he or she is.

Senator Reid should step down as majority leader at the very least. This is now out there forever.

How the editor missed that is beyond me. If Reid isn’t a bigot, he certainly is a dope.

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A 7 year old girl was attacked New Year’s Day in women’s room at the Palisades Mall while her father waited outside. No  one knew the guy was already on the bathroom. Police have released surveillance video of the man, and it can be seen here. The alleged molester is still at large.

“I mean this guy’s sick. Everybody’s who’s seen the video, it’s just heartbreaking,” said Det. Stephen Cole-Hatchard of Clarkstown Police.

Reading about this in the City or Long Island is disturbing enough; Rockland County is 15 minutes away. We shop at this mall on occasion. Watch your kids, folks.

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I’m a shameless Yankee fan, so take this from whom it comes.

Jeff Wilpon, son of Mets owner Fred Wilpon, wants to bring a hockey game to Citi Field.  Now, if I were a Met fan I’d be just about at the end of my rope. Think George Steinbrenner circa 1991. Jeff Wilpon should be focused on one thing, and that is making his team an improvement over the $140 million Bad News Bears that Met fans were forced to endure this past summer. The team won a paltry 70 games and finished next to last, 23 games behind the hated Phillies. That comes to about $6 million spent for every game they finished back in the standings.

2009 National League East Standings

It is not my intention to pile on the Mets. Quite the contrary. My loyalties will always be in the Bronx, but I have to admit the baseball seasons are more fun when the Mets are good. The 2000 season when the two teams met in the first Subway Series since 1956 was fantastic. The energy around here was spectacular. I’ll never forget it. I hope my children get to experience something like that someday as well. I think you get the picture.

Then, prior to the 2004 season, Fred Wilpon uttered that quote that he probably wishes he could take back but has never recanted: “Our intention is to play meaningful games in September…” In fairness, I suppose that the daily killing of that quote on the FAN and other outlets ignores the fact that Wilpon wanted his team to contend. And  they certainly did in 2007 and 2008, losing the division championship in legendary collapses at the end of both seasons. Meaningful games. In 2009 they played meaningful games in May. I remember in 1996, hearing rookie Derek Jeter tell the media that he was here to win a World Series. Gutsy stuff, considering the 17 year drought the team was in. So they won.

Which brings me back to Jeff Wilpon, who appears to have been passed the baton from his father. If I were Jeff, my nose would be the grindstone so hard that I’d look like Burl Ives. I’d be embarrassed to be seen in a grocery store, let alone be found channeling my efforts at anything other than making my team better. Hockey? Dude. The only talk this winter should be about making the team a winner. Build your fans a .500 team before you get a hobby, there, Jeff.  You need to take care of a fanbase that deserves better.

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