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Shut Him Up

Craig Carton is a husband, father, and active in philanthropy. He’s from New Rochelle. Spent some time in Philly. He loves sports. He’s just about my age. I should like him. If I met him, I might, but I just can’t listen to him in the morning on WFAN anymore. He just grates on me. He’s not nearly as funny as he thinks he is, and there probably is no talking to him because his write up on the FAN’s website claims he is a ratings raiser. Not in my book.

When NPR is more interesting than a sports talk personality he has to go. I almost would rather hear Sid Rosenberg. Almost.

I understand that Don Imus had to go, and morning talk is tough territory, especially after Imus. Boomer Esiason is a classy guy, but if you told me that he secretly lit small Craig Carton dolls on fire I’d believe you.

Why does WFAN insist on employing guys who are either just learning to shave or sound like they went to the Brooklyn School of Speech Pathology?

Can we clone Steve Summers?


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Gregory Turns 5

Gregory Faranda

Happy birthday to Gregory Blaise! Daddy and Mommy love you.

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