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10 years ago, during Thanksgiving week of 1999, I went on a lunch date. It went pretty well; we said goodbye at 1:30… AM. I lived upstate in Rochester at the time and she was in Queens, so by June of 2000 I was back home in Westchester to be closer to her. In December of 2000 we were engaged, and on September 29, 2001 Ann Lee became Ann Lee Faranda.

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September 29, 2001

Phil & Ann 2009


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Moon River

It is abundantly clear that a 42 year old’s physical is remarkably different from a 39 years old’s visit to the MD. I was offered a tissue when the doctor was finished, I asked for a cigarette.

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I was going to have my 2nd appearance on ABC World News tonight. The usual drill: the producer calls in the late morning, Ronnie and Ann drop everything to find me, and multi task by reaching the producer and a client that fits the story. I speed home to get changed, meet them at my listing in Mt Vernon, and then we shoot. I’ve learned to hope that when this happens to hope for a slow news day, because the last time the Space shuttle delayed the story running for a week.

Alas, it was not to be. Some piece of garbage in Texas just shot up Fort Hood. Lots of deaths. Such a horrendous tragedy, and one of the casualties is my TV appearance. Thoughts and prayers for the real victims.

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