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Brief Thoughts on a Sad Day

If these weren’t the times they are, the weeks approaching my 5th wedding anniversary would be far more joyful. Today was eerily reminiscent of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks: sunny, warm, puffy cotton clouds, and just a hint of coming autumn. So sad that such beauty would summon a feeling of melancholy. I was lucky 5 years ago. There was no casualty in my immediate sphere of influence. Not so with my oldest brother, who reflects on his loss of a good rugby mate here.

Since the talk now is of the new building proposals, I’ll repost my vote. I think it sends the appropriate message to those who wish us ill.



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Tomorrow we see the OB. We are expecting another baby. We are tired, overjoyed, and probably crazy. Yes, I know, we’ve been busy. I think this puts me over the $1 million threshold for "tuition money to earn" so I’ll be back to regular blogging sometime around the development of the warp drive engine.
I am a 4th Kidsbackchild myself, so this is pretty cool.

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