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The talk on the street is sometimes more of an indication of how things are than the reporting, although I blogged a few days ago that this was irresponsible journalism. A number of blogs have sprung up that are dedicated to the bubble/correction theme in the housing market. This one addresses my own area. If you are wondering what this guy’s take is on things, just check out the blogroll.

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  • Another F@$#&d Borrower
  • These forums have dozens and sometimes hundreds of comments from people who say they are sitting out buying property until prices come down. If that is any indication of the caution I am experiencing firsthand from the buying public, I don’t see house values increasing anytime soon.

    As I said yesterday, there is a certain amount of vitriol toard real estate licensees, and occasionally with good reason, but by and large I see the the slowdown issue as more related to raw affordability and massive taxation. Rates are still low, but only in the context of history, not the past 5 years. It all adds up to sellers having to understand that the thing had to slow down at some point.


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