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It is probably unfair to judge a person from just one news story, but the quote attributed to Jill Carroll after her release by her abductors in Iraq has me scratching my head.
Jill Carroll, the American reporter who was kidnapped in Baghdad nearly three months ago, was released today.

Ms. Carroll, whose abduction generated international attention, said in an interview shown on Baghdad television that her captors "never hit me and never even threatened to hit me."

Asked what message she wanted to send to the United States, she said firmly, "I was treated very well, it’s important for people to know that.

Wearing gray Arabic robes, tucking her hair up under a gray and green headdress, Ms. Carroll said that she was told this morning that she was going to be free "and that is what happened."

Why is that important? It obfuscates that others remain missing or worse, whose plight is not covered as closely by the media (if at all) because they aren’t 28-year old female members of the press like Carroll is. The extremists either arbitrarily choose who to spare and who not to spare, or make their choices based on Islamo-fascist guidelines. The guy she was with when she was abducted, Allan Enwiyah, was shot dead on the spot. He was 32. If you want to know what is important, it is that if anyone is spared by terrorists, it is the result of whim or manipulation of the media, not mercy. This woman was almost certainly brainwashed. She needs to be debriefed and deprogrammed.


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