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Indian Point

It is no secret that Indian Point, the nuclear power plant in Buchanan, NY is located in a bad place, namely a county of one million people and in the northern region of a 20+ million person metropolitan area. It is no secret that it is slowly leaking radioactive water into the environment. It is also no secret that many people want it closed. Since I have grown attached to being alive, I’d be just fine with the thing gone, all things being equal. However, I’m a little spoiled. You see, I like having electricity.
Among the most vocal critics of our poor exit strategy in Iraq are people who have no exit strategy for alternative energy sources to Indian Point, which makes it’s closure, in my view, a pipe dream. I asked an advocate today what Plan B would be for energy, and he admitted that there really isn’t a magic bullet, which I suppose is the polite way of shrugging his shoulders. I’m all for conservation, reducing waste, consumption, and streamlining distribution. However, those things don’t produce a watt of juice to power my computers, copiers, fax, or phone. We could all have airtight houses with R-120 insulation ratings and furnaces that are so efficient that they recycle newspaper into Jello, but the fact remains that electrical use will always rise due to technology, not fall.
If you are uncomfortable with being within 50 miles of nuclear fission I can relate. It is one town away from me. But if you want to remove our power source and have no other feasible means of producing clean energy, I think you’ll lose my support.

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