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Maybe our friend in Greenwich who tried to build a 39,000 square foot ego trip home house could find what he wants without having to build. A Long Island estate is up for a cool $60 million.
The Tudor style main house is 22,000 square feet with eight bedrooms, elevator access to all four floors, and a grand entry hall with a massive wood carved staircase and soaring cathedral ceilings.

The property also includes a six-bedroom guest house and an 11-bedroom staff house for the butlers, maids and gardeners.

The yearly taxes are $195,000.

Only 22,000 square feet? What a dump. A $50 million offer was turned down already. Cheapskates. And it’s a Tudor? I’d have to rehab it. It’s difficult to ascertain who the owner is. Title is held in a corporate name tied to offshore investments. I couldn’t find the property on the Multiple Listing Service, and the broker’s site didn’t have it up either, but I did find this one. And this one.

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The More Things Change…

The guy on TV asked the panelists if they knew how to pronounce "nuclear." He said it bothered him that the President said "nukular." The show was from 1978. The President was Jimmy Carter.

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