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Howard Dean has a quote out there saying that "nobody is pro-abortion." The implication is that even pro-choice folks don’t high five each other when an expectant mother kills her baby. That’s a clever way of putting it, but I think the converse is true as well, which is that pro life does not mean anti-mother. But the very fact that I am addressing this means that I am playing Howard Dean’s game on his field with his ball (that sounds awkward). Dean dictates the dialog.

I think it is fair to say that nobody, not even the hardest core conservative, wants war. Nobody is "pro-war." I dislike fighting. However, if you break into my house, I have a Louisville Slugger with your name on it. It must have been Ground Hog day yesterday, because the president emerged for his annual press conference and actually spoke with the press on the war. He even had a little give and take with Helen Thomas, who could not mask her lack of objectivity.

Here’s what frustrates me about this man: the 2nd most dangerous place in the world is that space between a prominent democrat and a microphone when the opportunity to slam the administration’s management of the war presents itself. They are engaging a full court press to dictate the public perception of how things are going over there, which isn’t looking so good. You can’t address the media once a year and expect to counter that kind of effort. Only history will dictate whether this was a good move or bad move, folks. In the meantime, Bush is allowing himself to be slaughtered and making a disgraceful effort to direct where the conversation goes. It’s his vision; we aren’t mind readers. George, meet mic. Mic, George.


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