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Happy St Joseph Day

I suppose if you were a part Sicilian husband, father, and real estate broker whose first name is Joseph you’d see some significance to March 19 yourself. Today is the feast of Jesus’ foster father, St Joseph. He is the patron saint of, among other things,  Sicily, fathers, expectant mothers, families, unborn babies, workers, and house hunters. I can relate.



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Imagine this. You are a PAC-10 basketball player, and you are instant messaging some co-ed at a rival college. You appear to hit it off and set a date to meet after your team’s game when you visit Berkeley. During the game, you go to the free throw line. Suddenly, the entire arena begins chanting your IM buddy’s name, her phone number, and your phone number. You’ve been punk’d. You play crummy and your team loses. That’s what happened to USC guard Gabe Pruitt. More details are at Rangelife.

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