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Inherit the Wind

I light of the current debate on teaching Intelligent Design in science class, I thought I’d recommend a movie that was made in 1960 entitled Inherit the Wind. It is actually a re-telling of the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, only more poetic. Familiar names include Spencer Tracy, Claude Akins, Harry Morgan, Gene Kelly, and Dick York. In the real world, among the good guys in my humble view were the ACLU (hey, it was 1925). In the movie, it is the Baltimore Sun. While religious fundamentalists are not rendered kindly in this film, I would remind you that in 1960 Hollywood was hardly hostile to religion.
One interesting tidbit about the real trial is that William Jennings Bryan, who was on the pro-creationist prosecution side and a fundamentalist Christian himself, was a significantly far left progressive liberal politically. That seems impossible today.
It is filled with great quotes, including Bertram Cate’s lament that if he were to apologize for teaching Darwinism to free his body from jail, then his mind would forever be imprisoned. Good stuff.

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