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I Always Wondered…

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Fire Them

My father in law has had a 7:30 am appointment with a specialist in Manhattan on the books this morning for over a month. At 79, sick with an ulcer, a heart condition and on dialysis, he’s really not interested in any percieved disrespect that TWU Local 100 leader Roger Toussaint uses to justify the illegal strike Local 100 (not the union) called this morning at 3am. He just wants to stay alive long anough to have a conversation with one of his grandchildren. Better bloggers than I have eloquently approached this from the angle that TWU workers have little to complain about. My purpose here is to put a face on a fraction of the $400 million a day in productivity that the city will lose due to this strike.
Smartly, the in-laws scheduled dialysis a day early this week, so Grandpa is in the clear until Wednesday. However, as anyone familiar with dialysis knows, the off days are recovery days. Instead, he must brave single digit winter conditions and take who know how many hours to make it to Manhattan, then wait like a piece of meat in a hospital wating room for his appointment, and then, exhausted, figure out a way to get home to Queens. Then, no rest for the weary as he and Grandma have to find a way to get back to Manhattan for life-preserving dialysis tomorrow. The man worked his whole life to build something, and now his mortality rests with the collective judgement of the TWU Local 100.
They will continue to run a poorly run, awfully maintained system called "Access-a Ride," which my in-laws tried a few times and stopped using when it proved worse than the subway: rude phone attendants, late vehicles, even later arrivals, and overall shoddiness. Transient dialysis in Queens could be fatal if he’s not in a unit that has a means of giving rapid blood transfusions. It has, in short, taken us a year to find his care niche. A 35 year old who misses a dialysis is not in danger. Grandpa is.
Here is my offer to the TWU were I in charge, and please forgive my less than warm tone toward rogue locals when the parent union advised them not to walk off the job:
  • Retirement age is now 65. It should be higher. The days of working until you are 55 are long gone.
  • You’ll contribute as much as 5% of your health care premium.
  • Annual wages will be indexed with inflation, capping at 4.5 %.
  • Sick and personal days are cut in half for new workers and will grow with time served.
  • In addition to Taylor Law fines, the union will be assessed fines in an amount equal to triple anything they spend on PR commercials during the strike.
  • If this is not acceptable, you are fired. Plenty of people would give their right arm for an MTA job, and all the perks that go along with it.
Grandpa and Grandson two days ago at Gregory’s 1st birthday party. For a man who had to wait until age 76 to be a grandfather, he’s a natural.
Update: GOP and the City & Wizbang have much more, and a link to the TWU Local 100’s Blog, where the comment section is still enabled.
Cake or Death has a picture that says 1000 words.

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Bonfire of the Vanities CXXIX

This week I am happy to host the 129th version of Bonfire of the Vanities, where the bloggers of the world poke fun at themselves, or, as the sponsors at Wizbang! put it, we carnivalize the Worst of the Best of the Blogosphere. It is a celebration of excellence in mediocrity, and the Superbowl of lame posts from those who are typically better. All submissions were nominated by the authors themselves in a collective show of candor and, perhaps, contrition.
Each post shall be introduced in the authors’ own words so as to give them every opportunity to dig their hole deeper. Since this is the last edition of Bonfire before December 25, Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah to all-unless you are a striking MTA employee.
Lucky Bamboo. "Houseplants are always good story fodder, right? no? Ok, overzealous coworkers, they’re funny, right? got your own, eh? Hmmm. I almost had my own pocketknife stuck into my thigh. I knew you’d like that." Mike eulogizes his desk bamboo.
RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! "As always, I’m submitting this article to the Bonfire because it contains vitally important information and not because it’s another lame attempt to jack up my hit rate by talking about a more popular blogger." What did you expect from a cat?
Heh…he said "Boobies"…. "I always knew women were dangerous, but…." Hey Jack, how do you feel about the ellipsis?
Spot the error? "What me being petty?" -Andrew. No Andrew, you aren’t.
Podcast: Christmas on the Talk Shows. "Bigger bomb than KING KONG ." -Don
Christmas Fun #5. "Santa’s big behind belongs in the Bonfire!"-Free Money
Sloth: I Confess. "Meme bad, post bad… " -Sinner. Also: Lust: Glenn; " So I make a snide comment about Prof. Reynolds… big deal… No only does he see it, but he links to another post of mine. Shame on me."
Response to a Response. "My lame and poorly executed attempt to continue a debate with a few readers. I’m just not smart enough to figure-out a solution to this dilemma using Blogger."-Early Riser
Step right up, 5 steps for financial success. Submitter: TT "uhm.  not sure what I was thinking, i added no value to this post. I was tired… yeah, that’s it."
Nerd Alert. " Nerd Alert! Taylor at Fresh Politics laments his decision to skip studying in favor of rebuilding the Penn Indy website."
Ta da! Finished! Maybe? From mensa barbie: "I think I may have come across a new painting style…(by being too busy.)"
Recreating "Siege & Capture" And Stratego. "Wherein I pat myself on the back for past triumphs under the guise of giving someone a pat on the back."-Digger
Breakfast for Dinner. "I had a Friday of many gloomy posts. I needed to post something light hearted. Why not do a “What I had for dinner” post? Well, I did, complete with pictures."-Mike

No Relation. "Playing with Google Video I found this… yikes!  I hope I’m not related to this guy!!"-Peakah

The World’s Best Pun. From Todd Smith, aka The Punsmith -"What could be more self-serving than judgeing your own pun as the ‘World’s Best Pun’, especially if you’re ‘The Punsmith’.  "I judge, I jury" now turning to ‘You judge, you jury’."

What would PeTA do? Kipper offers no explanation.

Real Poo. From Josh: "On boycotting shampoo."

WORK."I was working…duh."-David

On Humor. "There is something infinitely troubling about crossing Aristotle with Ren & Stimpy — or so has my classicist wife informed me."- The MaryHunter

Dammit, I Wanted to Be First. "Why can’t I think of the good jokes first?"- Brian

I hope you got a kick out of this week’s edition of Bonfire. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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