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Two of a Kind

Congratulations to Tiki Barber for a career day in the Giant’s 10th win of the season. As Mighty Joe Morris showed with the great teams of the 80’s, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, but the size of the fight in the dog.

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8 Days Until Christmas

Have you bought all your gifts yet? Not I. I need to send out cards muy pronto as well.

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Red Guy in a Blue Swimming Pool

One story which hasn’t been deemed important enough for the local media was something I found in a small community newspaper, the Gazette. The municipality where I live is now facing a cost overrun in the construction of a community swimming pool which doubles the original proposed cost of $4 million and change. The new number is $8.98 million. Will heads roll? It hasn’t even made the news.
They’ll raise taxes to pay for it the way they always will. Landlords will then be forced to raise the rent in their rental properties, and the renters will scream that they are lining their pockets, and the politicians will then pass initiatives for more rental aid. How will they fund that? By raising taxes. And so it goes.
I propose that local government be allowed to be over budget by as much as they wish, so long as they cover cost overages themselves by being squeegee people in their off time. Let’s see how much waste and inefficiency they tolerate with that policy. 

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RFK Jr.: Not in My Backyard

Robert F. Kennedy Jr wants environmentally friendly sources of energy, but not if it spoils the view from Hyannis Port! This is classic armchair quarterback stuff.

AS an environmentalist, I support wind power, including wind power on the high seas. I am also involved in siting wind farms in appropriate landscapes, of which there are many. But I do believe that some places should be off limits to any sort of industrial development. I wouldn’t build a wind farm in Yosemite National Park. Nor would I build one on Nantucket Sound, which is exactly what the company Energy Management is trying to do with its Cape Wind project.

Environmental groups have been enticed by Cape Wind, but they should be wary of lending support to energy companies that are trying to privatize the commons – in this case 24 square miles of a heavily used waterway. And because offshore wind costs twice as much as gas-fired electricity and significantly more than onshore wind, the project is financially feasible only because the federal and state governments have promised $241 million in subsidies.

Cape Wind’s proposal involves construction of 130 giant turbines whose windmill arms will reach 417 feet above the water and be visible for up to 26 miles. These turbines are less than six miles from shore and would be seen from Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Hundreds of flashing lights to warn airplanes away from the turbines will steal the stars and nighttime views. The noise of the turbines will be audible onshore. A transformer substation rising 100 feet above the sound would house giant helicopter pads and 40,000 gallons of potentially hazardous oil.

The Yosemite Park example is a straw man. I wouldn’t build a homeless shelter in Hyannis Port either. Big deal. And the concerns about whirling turbines and potentially dangerous oil would happen anywhere they put these things. This is absolutely no different from the limousine liberal outrage you’d get from building low income housing in Chappaqua. If you build it, they will howl. Utter hypocrisy.

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NYC Blogger Party

Thursday evening was a Christmas Holiday party thrown for NYC-based bloggers hosted by Flip, Karol, Scott,  & The Man. They were kind enough to unofficially stretch the borders of New York City up to my neck of the woods for the invite. I’d say that about 50 of us attended and I had a pretty good time (I parked for free too). It was nice to attach some faces to the blogs and of course I love to get out of the house meet people. The always animated Pamela of Atlas Shrugs was there, as was my buddy Chad of Cake or Death. Urban Grind has a far more exhaustive recap of the evening, so check her out. Thanks to the hosts for the invite, and it was good to meet you all.
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