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No, this is not a post on biology or evolution. If you look in the sidebar about halfway down, you’ll see that NZ Bear, webmaster of The Truth Laid Bear, has developed a fun way of ranking blogs via his "Ecosystem." I am a marauding marsupial, which is better than being a slimy mollusc but not as good as being a primate. Currently, I am ranked at 1115 numerically, just below the Baseball Crank and just above Ben Witherington. The ecosystem seems to rank blogs mostly on the number of blogs that link to them, with controls put in to prevent playing the system, such as through open track backs and other link whorage. However, it is imperfect, and here’s why: The Baseball Crank has a readership that dwarfs mine (7780,000 hits in 5 years. Do the math). Moreover, KipEsquire’s A Stitch in Haste quadruples my readership and he’s ranked something like 2000. Dave Friedman’s Soul of Wit also blows my readership doors off and he’s still trying to reach dry land. Now, it may be that there is a Pythagorean wisdom to all of this, in that sooner or later the blogs with a higher link score gain a larger readership than those with a lower one over time, in a dollar cost averaging sort of way. However, at this snapshot in time, it doesn’t seem equitable. This is not to say that I don’t appreciate what NZ Bear is doing; hell, it is free and gives us all something to relate to. I would just say that if you see a blog that has "evolved" to a high rank (like mine, relatively speaking) take it with a grain of salt.
I should take this time to thank those of you who read this blog, especially those who have commented, emailed me, and even added me to your own blog rolls if you have them. My readership has broken the 100 per day mark in recent weeks, which means that there are multiple dozens of people who are quietly interested in what I have to say. While I classify myself as a conservative, I remain a New Yorker with sensibilities that are contrary to what other conservatives espouse, especially with regard to religion, lifestyles, and other lightning rod topics. I am therefore hard to classify in one word. I have been called a right wing zealot, a libertarian, a fundamentalist, and many other things that are on both sides of flattery. At any rate, to those who do read this daily exercise in therapy, I appreciate that you visit and feel free to shoot out an email (as some of you already have) any time. I’d love to hear from you. And thanks again for reading.

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