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Readers outside New York may not know that Metropolitan Transit Authority employees have threatened to strike if they do not have an agreement by Thursday night. A strike would be devastating, and not just in economic terms.  It would stop the subways and buses, and over strain other means of transportation. People who would not otherwise walk will be forced to brave the elements.

My father in law makes the trip from Queens to Manhattan three times a week for dialysis. He is a sick, frail old man and the trip wipes him out. Like many New Yorkers, he and my wife’s mom make the trip via mass transit. A strike would take away their only means of transportation. I could drive him (and I may have to), but we’d still have to get around the 4 passenger rule, to say nothing of our own personal cost.

I want the workers to make a living and get a fair deal, and they will. But to strike would be unnecessary and squander their good will with the public. They get whipped up in this dramatic frenzy about a strike, and I have to ask-for what?


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