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Bronx shooting
1. Develop a terrific acting resume by starring opposite DeNiro and then following up with notable roles on the Big Screen and TV;

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Live Polar Dog Blogging

Logan and Bella had a good romp in the snow this morning.

Polar_dogs1_1  There is something about the snow with these pups. It brings out the frolic in them. I tried, but failed, to get a better shot of them with snow in their face a la Al Pacino at the end of Scarface. These will have to do.


Logan was rescued in 2000. He was emaciated and had a bad case of heart worm. The vet said he was the most severe case they ever saw survive. Being loved agrees with him. He was always good with people, but we found that his previous life made him hostile to most other dogs. If they were female and small he felt less threatened.

Polardogs3 Enter Bella, who was a purebred pup we got because we figured it might take a while to have a 2nd baby. HA. She was small and female, so they got along. Logan never noticed that she grew up (except for twice a year, when his spirit seems quite willing, but alas, the equipment was clipped as a condition of adoption. This annoys her. Chicks hate big barkers who can’t deliver). Bella is a typical rambunctious lab who absorbed none of Logan’s personality traits and taught him to bark too much. But we love her anyway. Bella never sits like this unless she really wants something, in this case warmth and breakfast.

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