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I Love This Picture

Thus far I have found it quite by accident here and here. I view it as evidence of a benevolant God. That’s what I call Intelligent Design!
Update: Thanks to Raven at And Rightly So! for getting me a JPG. The pic I copied from No Treason was encoded to change daily, which gave me quite a surprise this morning.
Evidence that I married well: My wife tells me that this is a Vargas Girl, or in the spirit of one.
Update Deux: John T Kennedy at No Treason informs me the artist is Gil Evgren, whom he prefers to Vargas. He’s my favorite retro perv now too.

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Rebecca Beach, 19, a student at Warren County Community College got an email from her professor, John Daly, filled with leftist kool aid vitriol, complete with grammatical errors. He was responding to her announcement of the speaking engagement of returning Iraq war veteran Lt. Col. Scott Rutter, which he evidently didn’t approve of. Among the jewels of wisdom he wrote was the following sentiment:
Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors.
The student was interviewed on WABC-Am this morning by John Gambling. I heard Gambling mention that the professor resigned before he could be sacked. Aside from his moonbat politics, it takes a special kind of man to bully a 19 year old student. Here is the full text of the email cut and pasted so you can see what a swell guy Professor Daly is.

November 13, 2005

Dear Rebecca:

I am asking my students to boycott your event. I am also going to ask
others to boycott it. Your literature and signs in the entrance lobby look
like fascist propaganda and is extremely offensive. Your main poster
"Communism killed 100,000,000" is not only untrue, but ignores the fact that CAPITALISM has killed many more and the evidence for that can be seen in the daily news papers.   

The U.S. government can fly to dominate the people of Iraq in 12 hours, yet it took them five days to assist the people devastated by huricane Katrina. Racism and profits were key to their priorities. Exxon, by the way, made $9 Billion in profits this last quarter — their highest proft margin ever. Thanks to the students of WCCC and other poor and working class people who are recruited to fight and die for EXXON and other corporations who earning megaprofits from their imperialist plunders. If you want to count the number of deaths based on political systems, you can begin with the more than a million children who have died in Iraq from U.S.-imposed sanctions and war.

Or the million African American people who died from lack of access to
healthcare in the US over the last 10 years.
I will continue to expose your right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like your won’t dare show their face on a college campus. Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors and fight for just causes and for people’s needs — such freedom fighters can be counted throughout American history and they certainly will be counted again.

Prof. John Daly

I am sure everyone at WCC is very proud of this exceptional (former) faculty member. What a mensch.

Linked to the Political Teen

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Thanksgiving Eve

Today is traditionally one of the crappiest days of the year for me. I grew up in a house of sloppy procrastinators, so cleaning the house and preparing for Thanksgiving always created the perfect storm of stress. It was especially pronounced after my brothers all moved out, leaving me and my parents, who were then in their 50’s. My parents would transform into the Costanzas on steroids in preparation for the brothers and their wives to arrive the following day, and it sucked.
I have never understood the need for the culinary horse and pony show, which frays the nerves, taxes the mind and flares the temper. Thanksgiving is meant for chilling out and enjoying family, but never quite works out that way. Since we were wed, we begged out of  Thanksgiving with the entire clan in favor of a quiet day of relaxation, SPAM, Underwood Deviled Ham, and kippered snacks. It was awesome. However, this year we voiced the possibility of hosting things. Immediately the insanity began- one sister in law offering to cook (turned out to be a good idea), Ann’s unfamiliarity with my family’s neurosis, and of course, my 79-year-old mother turning the house upside down looking for a gravy ladle that was lost in the Bermuda Triangle in 1987. This tradeoff for a hallmark holiday is hassle. I say let’s eat processed canned luncheon meat.

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Gays and the Priesthood

The Times has published another story today on the long anticipated Vatican document that appears to place a barrier between the priesthood and gay men who seek that vocation. I have blogged about this previously here & here, and I will reserve judgment until I can find a source that is not as anti Catholic than the New York Times.
The crux of the matter is a document that is to be published next week which "clarifies" the Holy See’s position on gays and the priesthood. At first, the information leaked appeared to ban gay men from seeking the priesthood. Not true, but good copy. The issue is that the Church wants to make sure that gay men seeking the priesthood are sexually mature enough to handle the job. The term they use is "deep seated" homosexual tendencies. It is all a bunch of ecclesiastical gobbledygook. They want to make sure that candidates can remain celibate. It is an unfair and poorly targeted reaction to the abuse scandal in my view. The issue is that ALL priests have to be chaste, not just the gays ones. Yet regardless of what the document actually says, it isn’t canon law and has all the weight of a UN resolution.
I will find a more intellectually honest source for their interpretation of the document (and a decent translation) before I weigh in, but make no bones about it, if they truly are trying to ban gays I’ll hammer them. In the meantime, I’ll repeat what I have said before: allow priests to marry.
One more thing, and this is important to say. Anyone who thinks that rank and file Catholics, even conservative Catholics, would support any banning of gays from the priesthood should read the following statement issued by Catholic League President Bill Donohue, not exactly a moderate, back in 2002 as the abuse scandal raged.

In response to multiple media requests on the role of gays, celibacy and the media in the current Church scandal, Catholic League president William Donohue issued the following statement today:

“It is wrong to say that the sex abuse scandal in the Church can be rationally discussed without mentioning the role that sexually active homosexuals have played.  It has been substantial.  But it is important to emphasize that it is simplistic and diversionary to argue that gays are the problem.  The problem is a relaxation of disciplinary measures and an astounding lack of courage on the part of many clerics.  It is our hope that every aspect of this problem will surface, otherwise no progress will be made.  To the extent that a discussion of the role that sexually active homosexuals evolves into a gay-bashing exercise, the Catholic League will fight it.  Bigotry of all stripes is intolerable.


“The media did not cause this problem.  The Catholic Church brought it on herself.  These wounds are self-inflicted.  Most of the hard-news reporting on TV and in newspapers has been fair, as have the editorials.  But too many columnists and cartoonists are literally out of control with their raging bigotry.

I am no apologist for the Church on many levels. I remain enraged at the abuse scandal and have expressed regret on how Rome has approached homosexuality. But there is a big difference between Archie Bunker and the Spanish Inquisition. Trust me on this one: the good guys outnumber the bad ones in Rome and throughout the Church. Their time will come.

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Now THAT Is Cool

KipEsquire has added Red Guy in a Blue State to his blogroll’s Elite Eleven. Kip was the first web journal author to blogroll me, and this is a nice honor. You should check out his site- always outstanding, thought provoking and honest commentary.

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But Of Course

You scored as James Bond, Agent 007. James Bond is MI6’s best agent, a suave, sophisticated super spy with charm, cunning, and a license’s to kill. He doesn’t care about rules or regulations and somewhat amoral. He does care about saving humanity though, as well as the beautiful women who fill his world. Bond has expensive tastes, a wide knowledge of many subjects, and his usually armed with a clever gadget and an appropriate one-liner.

James Bond, Agent 007


Indiana Jones


Captain Jack Sparrow


Neo, the "One"




William Wallace


Batman, the Dark Knight


Lara Croft


El Zorro


The Amazing Spider-Man


The Terminator


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