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A coffee shop owner has ruffled some feathers by posting the following sign:
children of all ages have to behave and use their indoor voices when coming to A Taste of Heaven
Parents, it appears, do not appreciate the sentiment.

But many neighborhood mothers took umbrage at the implied criticism of how they handle their children. Soon, whispers of a boycott passed among the playgroups in this North Side neighborhood, once an outpost of avant-garde artists and hip gay couples but now a hot real estate market for young professional families shunning the suburbs.

"I love people who don’t have children who tell you how to parent," said Alison Miller, 35, a psychologist, corporate coach and mother of two. "I’d love for him to be responsible for three children for the next year and see if he can control the volume of their voices every minute of the day."

Mr. McCauley, 44, said the protesting parents were "former cheerleaders and beauty queens" who "have a very strong sense of entitlement." In an open letter he handed out at the bakery, he warned of an "epidemic" of antisocial behavior.

"Part of parenting skills is teaching kids they behave differently in a restaurant than they do on the playground," Mr. McCauley said in an interview. "If you send out positive energy, positive energy returns to you. If you send out energy that says I’m the only one that matters, it’s going to be a pretty chaotic world."

And so simmers another skirmish between the childless and the child-centered, a culture clash increasingly common in restaurants and other public spaces as a new generation of busy, older, well-off parents ferry little ones with them.

I have three little ones and one might assume that I side with the parents. After all, it IS a little presumptuous for people with no children to tell people with children how to handle their kids. I resent it when I get preached to, even by fellow parents. So the coffee shop owner is wrong, right?

I do not side with the parents in this case. I worked in restaurants for years, and can tell you without a doubt that teaching children manners in our society is as arcane as ice trucks. I’m not talking about charm school here, I mean simply distinguishing between  ones own living room and the outside world. It’s incomprehensible to these people. And they IGNORE their kids while they blather to the other phonies about their fake phony lives leaving the staff to deal with kids who never learned boundaries.

It’s actually not about giving the staff a break from the mini ids raising hell in the establishment (although that would be a nice outcome); it is part safety, and part consideration for ones fellow patron. I have seen too many close safety calls with uncontrolled children, and I know that my children are not as cute to others as they are to me.

Ann does not feel the need to compare tennis sock pom poms with other moms during the day, and when we want to dine out we instead order takeout. So let the desperate housewives boycott. The rest of us can then relax without their shrill voices or their bratty offspring.


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Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk is a British Journalist who wrote a book entitled The Great War for Civilisation, a 1000-page book that is critical of US Middle East policy. They are interviewing him on NPR right now, and as you might expect, he’s very anti-Bush, anti-Israel, and in general anti War on Terror. A journalist in the Middle East for 30 years, he interviewed Osama bin Laden three times, and by his own account, ObL vowed to make the US a "shadow of its former self" as far back as 1996.
Given bin Laden’s attacks on the US since that vow, one wonders what Fisk believes to be a self-defensible action, or what constitutes a justifiable act of self defense. It is interesting to hear him parse words when addressing the criticisms of his writing. For instance, in his book, one of his first two acknowledgments is Yasser Arafat. His defense: He went in alphabetical order.
I think he misses the point. That’s like my wife finding me in bed with another woman and me saying "it’s OK. She knocked."
I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said
we are making enemies faster than we can kill them
Hogwash. Given Fisk’s own words, they were our enemies from the start.

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My friend Oates informs me that the two cheerleaders who were dismissed by the Panthers have a new offer.
Penthouse magazine is courting Renee Thomas, 20, and Angela Keathley, 26, to pose nude, according to the report.
Penthouse is apparently hoping to cash in on what allegedly happened inside the Florida bar’s bathroom stall.

The woman were having sex with each other in the restroom, according to witnesses.

Witnesses told police a fight broke out after bar patrons complained the women were having sex in a restroom.

Apparently Penthouse knows that Ms. Thomas does not need to use a fake ID this time, as the legal age to appear in their magazine is 18 and not 21. I wonder if Governor-elect Jon Corzine knows that?  It remains to be seen if the two accept the offer.
Incidentally, I get about 300 hits a week on this blog. After posting about these two dopes I got 1500 in 48 hours. What a sad commentary on all of our priorities.
So, of course, I am posting about them again.
Tracked back to the Political Teen.

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