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In a close vote, prop 73, also known as "The Parents’ Right to Know Initiative," was rejected 50.8%-49.2%. So, in an era when minors need parental permission for patronizing a tan salon, an ear piercing, an aspirin from the school nurse, or a school trip, mere notification for an abortion is unlawful. Note that I said notification, not permission. Also, the law contained an exception for cases when parental notification would be waived.
A clause in the proposition would also allow a minor to avoid parental notification by proving to a judge in juvenile court a level of maturity deemed sufficient to make the decision on her own, or by demonstrating that notifying her parents would not be in her best interest.
This is sad on a variety of levels. First, the rights of parents to, uh, parent their children is severely affected. It is also a victory for far left abortion rights nuts who will not rest until an abortion is viewed as benign as a trip to the grocery, in spite of Roe V Wade’s verbiage to the contrary (ironic for an otherwise paternalistic world view many in this group possess). Lastly, it is a sad commentary on the millions of sensible Californians who were out to lunch on election day while the loonies mobilized their base.
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