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Eli’s older brother finally beats the Patriots-hammers them– at Foxbrorough, 40-21. It is Peytons first-ever win at New England.
Can you imagine a Manning vs Manning Superbowl? Both the Giants and Colts lead their divisions.

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Here are two excellent links to the story about the two Carolina Panther cheerleaders who were arrested over the weekend after a bar brawl. I was especially amused at how the guy contrasted their mugshots with the publicity glamour portraits.



What a primer in why cosmetics are a multi-billion dollar industry. Hat tip to Backcountry Conservative & Wizbang.

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Since most of the NY Times op-ed columnists are published in multiple papers I had put finding free alternate sources of the columns on my to-do list. There is no need. Truthout.org has all of them. So now I can continue to sneer at read and comment on Krugman, Dowd, et al without having to pay that obnoxious fee.

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