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I watched the gubernatorial debate between Jon Corzine and Doug Forrester last night. I doubt that much of it would change many minds; it resembled mud wrestling more than civilized discussion. I am told that the same goes for the previous debates between these two. Corzine always seemed irritated and flustered while Forrester was for the most part incredulous and accusatory. However, Corzine did make one monumental goof that Forrester inexplicably failed to capitalize on:
But when Mr. Pressman asked Mr. Corzine if he supported lowering the drinking age, he was caught off guard.

Mr. Corzine, looking flustered, did not know that the age was 21, but said that he did not have a problem with lowering it to 18, considering that men and women that young are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. But after the debate, when pressed by reporters, he backtracked and said that he did not support lowering the age.

"I wish I had been better prepared," he said. "I was focused on the 18-year-olds serving in Iraq."

The Times is being kind to the candidate they endorsed. When asked the question, Corzine paused, looked bewildered, and weakly asked "I think it is 18, isn’t it?" He then hemmed and hawed and said something about 18 being young enough to die for your country so he was OK with lowering it.

Wow. Bad job. Of course, the ancient Gabe Pressman, who had capitalized on his right to ask follow up questions all night, failed to ask the obvious, "Senator, you seriously did not know the drinking age in your state is 21 and has been for decades?" Nor did Forrester take a swing at the slow-pitch softball headed right down the center of the plate. What an opportunity lost! My retort would have been along these lines: "Senator, how can you sit here and make all these cliche claims that you care so much for the regular folks of New Jersey when you don’t even know when their sons and daughters can take a legal drink? Is the safety and well-being of New Jersey’s young not a lofty enough goal for you?"

A law passed in 1984 mandated states to raise their legal age of consumption to 21. 1984. For all I know, New Jersey was at 21 long before that. Oh well. In the end, New Jerseyans will end up with the governance they deserve. If it were me last night, I would have hammered Senator Corzine on being so uninformed about something that should have been in his wheelhouse. Final thought-if Corzine were Republican this would not have been such a footnote.


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Hitting the Reset Button

I have been invited to go with an old friend down to Washington for for the Sunday Night NFL game between the Eagles and Redskins. I’m a Giants fan, but they have no cheerleader squad, so this will have to do.
However, Luke decided to have his first-ever nightmare (that we know of) at about 1am, and I had to back out because I can’t leave his mother alone until tomorrow with all three after a sleepless night. There will be other opportunities (I hope). Suggestion to all married men: when she says that it is really OK for you to go and not to worry about her, stay home.

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