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Speaking of Science

Can they come up with a technological advance that can make it so that shower water faucets have more than 1/16 of an inch sepration between freezing cold water and scalding hot?


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Catholics and Evolution

Shortly after a bishop’s comments about evolution in the NY Times, anti-Catholics in the press commenced plying their trade. The Church in the last few hundred years has been quite enlightened about scientific issues such as evolution, as opposed to protestant fundamentalists, who will look you in the eye and swear that Jonah was in the belly of a whale for 3 days writing a psalm. But that doesn’t stop the bigots from using any dumb thing some bishop says off the cuff to paint all one billion of us as intellectually tone deaf biblical literalists in lock step with an out of touch patriarchy. That is a shame.

Sometimes accusations like this are so dumb, so completely stupid, so utterly brain rotting just on their merit, that it is maddening to even address them. I have to say that if anyone thinks that I am a knee jerk apologist for The Church they are smoking crack. I’ve dissented on plenty with the good fathers since before I graduated from Kennedy Catholic in ’89, where the Sisters of Divine Compassion taught us evolution in biology. But that doesn’t mean I’m OK with anti-Catholic bigotry either, which is exactly what all this hullabaloo is really all about. There are people out there with an axe to grind against the Catholic Church because it’s teachings don’t dovetail with their opinions, so they’ll use anything they can to spit venom.

Even if the Church did categorically deny the theory of evolution (which it does not), what of it? Why do non Catholics, former Catholics, and other secularists even care? Why do those in science care? The Catholic Church is first and foremost a religion. Catholics believe in God. We believe a guy named Jesus was the Son of God, walked on water, fed the masses with a few loaves of bread and fish, was crucified and rose from the dead. Every Sunday we (some of us, at least) eat a bread wafer and call it the Body of Christ. These things aren’t exactly scientifically plausible. So why don’t these same people write stories in the Times and Slate about how screwed up those things are (actually a few have)? Because it would be too obvious. But the evolution issue is easier to hide behind because it obfuscates the bigotry. It is no different from an anti Semite being mum about all things in Judaica who then blows up over something the Israeli army does. What does the Israeli army have to do with the Jewish religion? As much as biology class has to do with Catholicism.

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