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I have been upstate all week minding the store. More on that later. Tuesday afternoon I arrived at an appointment to watch my property manager’s rental agent show a half duplex which will be coming up for rent in August. What we found makes me doubt that these particular folks will be signing a lease, as the toilet on the first floor was overflowing. By the looks of the lake of sewer water in the basement, it had been going on for quite some time (previous tenants were 90% moved out, as the school year has been over for a month and a half). The plumber snaked the line and the cause of the plug was a clump of tampons. It gets better. The clog caused the antiquated sewer drainage to collapse in two places, necessitating an excavation and the replacement of 6 feet of pipe. I asked the plumber how tampons could do such damage. They absorb and expand, he told me. They can do amazing damage. I believe it.
The tenants in the unit next door (the basements adjoin) knew there was a problem, but called no one. There are two women among them. No women lived in the unit with the problem. Obviously, I cannot know with certainty who did this, but a memo is going out to all tenants to never flush tampons, etc. down the toilet.
To all who might own or consider owning investment property: put in your leases that flushing foreign objects down the drain is a no-no.

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