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Lighter side: I saw the Wedding Crashers last night. I was in a crummy mood (if you had a rental property with a sewage backup you’d be bummed too) and my friend and business associate recommended we see it. I expected a mediocre sophomoric effort where the actors forego art for a paycheck.

I saw a hilarious sophomoric effort where the actors did ditch art and earned their paychecks. There were some ridiculously funny moments that any guy who has ever stretched the truth to impress a girl would relate to, and even the slow part 3/4 through wasn’t too bad.

The premise: two 30ish professionals make serious romantic hay by charming their way into weddings. They have a system where they prospect announcements, do a little research, and assume identities that allow them to plausibly fit in and hustle young female guests. They get pretty bold, and find themselves at the wedding of the daughter of a cabinet member in a very Kennedyesque setting. Owen Wilson’s character falls for the maid of honor, who is one of the Secretary’s daughter’s, and away we go. Vince Vaughn is hilarious as his partner who hooks up with one of the other daughters, who becomes obsessed with him ("stage 5 clinger").

Small gripes: Things slow down toward the end when they realize they have to wedge a love story into the schtick. Not so small gripe: if Hollywood types are so compassionate toward gay people, why is the one homosexual character portrayed as a stereotypical semi psychotic buffoon? The guy looks and acts like he’s schizophrenic. That’s a compassionate way to render a gay man?

Gotta bail. If you want to laugh, see it.


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