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This letter writer in the local rag makes a point that most of us know, few say, and unfortunately, none of us will ever see:

The only hope to end terrorism in Iraq is for Muslim religious leaders around the world to speak out forcefully against terrorism and let would-be terrorists know that their actions are not pleasing to Allah and will not be rewarded. I believe it is a serious obligation for their leaders.

Extremist leaders won’t do this because THEY are the authors of the current policy. We are the infidel, we must die, and the suicide bombers do their dirty work.


Dissenting clerics from this jihadist doctrine seldom die of natural causes.

Update: Right as Usual postulates that unity through nationalism might be an answer, if the people could get past ethnic/tribal differences in favor of the country as a whole, but I can’t see it. I commented that tribal loyalties go back centuries and centuries.  These middle eastern nation states have only been in existence since the end of the Ottoman Empire around 1920. Worse, the countries were carved out virtually arbitrarily with no respect for nationality or ethnicity. It is unlikely that these people would subordinate the centuries old tribal indoctrination, even in the name of peace.


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