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Labrador Retrievers

There is a good article in Slate that discusses the popularity of the breed. We have two labs, Logan (rescued, mostly lab but not a purebred) and Bella. They are great with the children and make excellent snuggle buddies. They are our "other" children.

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How To Beat The Bums

Go over their heads. That’s exactly what the father of a 4th grader did when his son, a Catholic school student, was initially prohibited from attending summer school in his public school district.

Corey Rist, 8, who attends St. Augustine’s School in Ossining, had been rejected from the Hendrick Hudson summer program because he does not go to the district schools during the year, school officials said.

But his father, Joel Rist, had asked Mills [NYS education commissioner] to force the district to accept his son. State law says that all students who live in a district, including those who attend private school, are entitled to attend the district’s summer school program.

The local school district tried to use an inane semantics game to deny the child admission.

District officials had said the summer program was not a summer school, but an extension of the academic intervention services given to struggling students during the year. Since Corey doesn’t attend the district schools during the year, he was not eligible for the summer program, officials said.

"We don’t consider it a formal summer school program because it is an extension of what we do during the year," Kathleen Zazza, the assistant superintendent for instruction and personnel, said.

This is, of course, absurd. When the boy’s father went over their heads to the state education commissioner, the district backed down (in return for him dropping the appeal of course). I have no idea why the district would be so miserable about this, but I have a good idea. You have brain dead bureaucrats in positions with no decision making power that robotically follow rules, no matter how absurd the interpretation may be.

How embarrassing for the Hendrick Hudson School district. These are the people responsible for educating our children.

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