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Drunk Driving

A family’s limo was struck by a drunk driver while returning home from a wedding reception, killing the driver and a 7-year-old girl. The drunk is a guy named Martin Heidgen.
Heidgen, who fractured his ankle and cut his jaw, was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated and was waiting to be arraigned, McCloud said.
I could have predicted it. I don’t know why these guys survive. 

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Dinocrat hits one into the center field bleachers with this query:

We wonder whether any detainees from Gitmo, who were released into the UK, and accused the US of such barbarisms as paper-soiling, were involved in the “blessed military operation.”

I seldom see anyone say so much with so few words so well.

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A few observations on the bombings of London at rush hour:

  • First, a rhetorical question: observing the methodology of the attacks on innocents when they are most vulnerable,  has the world ever seen bigger cowards then al qaida and their ilk?
  • A member of British Parliament stated that terrorists seek to demoralize and divide. Given the vitriol on America’s left regarding canards like Guantanamo, it is clear they are making some progress. Leftists are more interested in exploring their hatred for Bush than they are in unifying and beating what is at this hour the single greatest evil on the face of the planet. 
  • This was orchestrated for maximum exposure, as the G8 is now meeting in Scotland. I openly wonder how many in the Free World will be galvanized by this, and how many will seek to understand and appease as a result.
  • The far and not so far left will find a way to blame President Bush for this, and the talking points will almost be uniform. I can only imagine what a quick read of Daily Kos will reveal. If only they would devote their resources to helping fight this evil instead of winning the next election.

We have loved ones across the pond (my sister in law is a Yorkie), and I hope all in our sphere of influence are safe and sound.

Firefighters at Aldgate Tube station

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