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New York City has lost the bid for the 2012 Olympics to London. Parisians are angry, so I am happy to that extent. Other than that, I don’t care. I really don’t. Much of this came out of 9/11, and I fail to see how billionaires moving their real estate poker chips around pays any tribute to a calamity that would have been 11 years in the past at that juncture.

You would need to know NYC a bit to understand what I mean here, but to shoehorn the stadium into congested Manhattan while the old World’s Fair site by Shea Stadium continues to rot was the first mistake to the planning, and it was downhill from there in my mind. That site would have been the perfect site for an Olympiad, not Manhattan. An Olympic Stadium on the west side rail yards would have helped Manhattan about as much as Vick’s Vap-O-Rub would have helped JFK after he was shot. There is room at Flushing for far more events; they already have roads, train stops, smaller arenas for other events (the US Tennis Open stadia, Shea Stadium, the Mets proposed new park which was to be the Olympic Stadium) and a good body of water for rowing. It was already half done, but Queens isn’t sexy. So now the billionaires & politicians have nothing. Too bad. Regular New Yorkers don’t care, I assure you. Anything that prevents a traffic jam is OK in their book.

Congratulations London, you wanted it, you got it.


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