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I Agree With MoveOn

Just to show you what a fair guy I am, I will now give some blog space to some folks from the other side of the fence. Got forwarded this hilarity email from moveonpac:

Dear MoveOn member,

Early this morning Sandra Day O’Connor stepped down from the Supreme Court, leaving the first open seat in more than 10 years. As a moderate Justice, she helped protect our rights for decades. [Bla bla]

Hey, if Justice O’Connor was so great then the president who appointed her must have been pretty swell too. I wonder who nominated her? MoveOn must agree that president was a good one, no?


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Real Estate Agents

I have often defended real estate professionals on this blog my share of times but I cannot deny how utterly peculiar agents can be. Although my primary efforts in this industry are in mortgages and as an investor, I have held a license since 1996 (I sold over 100 homes from ’96-2000) and will be a broker in my own right in a few weeks, assuming Albany cooperates. I still deal with agents almost daily. In all this time, I have always wondered why they do such strange egocentric things. Such as:

  • Plaster their picture all over their marketing materials, often to the point where it seems more like they are running for town council than marketing a property.
  • Many, women especially, use pictures from 30 years ago. Often, I haven’t recognized them once I met them in person after seeing their advertisements. What I find hilarious are the pictures with the light beaming from behind their head.
  • A visit to a typical agent’s website often focuses on their autobiography and character traits. For instance, the top agent in my area has a long bit on his site about how he used to be in food services. How exactly does this make me want to buy a house from him? Others blather on about how much integrity they have. Am I to assume they don’t if they don’t remind me they do?
  • The purpose of business cards is to make sure other have your contact information. Name, firm, phone, fax, email. Agents cram so much other useless garbage onto their cards it transcends absurdity. Do I really need their picture, an amortization table, a lame motto, and some logo they designed on the windows paint program?

It isn’t my intention to be mean to my colleagues, but most agents would agree that teasing them about this stuff is fair play.

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