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This was my response to an email thread among some aquaintances of my older brother who do not sit on my side of the ideological fence:

PBS recently re ran the Burns Civil War documentary. Abe Lincoln did stuff to win that war that would freak out many on today’s left, including the suspension of Habeas Corpus and seriously considering having a supreme court justice arrested. Funny how that is barely a footnote on Lincoln’s legacy, for two reasons: he won the war, and he freed the slaves. When you are at war you have to do what it takes to win. Any pontificating to the contrary is easily exposed if the fight is taken to your back yard. We’ll see how fast Damian or Greg throw out the marquis of queensbury rules of it is their kids’ bedroom window that is being climbed through.

Short and not too sweet.

I apologize for such light blogging. More will be forthcoming.


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