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Typically, I have very little tolerance for leftist elitist labeling of those who disagree with them as uneducated yahoos. I aspire to view different opinions from my own with more respect, especially when the person can cite reasons.

However, there is a time to call a spade a spade, and this is one of those times. This Amnesty International business of hyping Guantanamo as a "gulag of our time" is repugnant to me, especially in light of the fact that my wife has relatives in Kim Jung Il’s REAL gulag of North Korea, and the term belittles reality their experience. I am of the opinion that it damages the Geneva Convention to afford stateless, non-uniformed terrorists the same rights as regular soldiers, and I further find the ACLU’s efforts to grant them the same rights as US CITIZENS (legal counsel, etc) to be destructive.

AOL attached a small survey to this article about Rumsfeld’s reaction to Amnesty with two questions:

Do you approve of the U.S.’s treatment of detained terrorism suspects?
No 59%
Yes 41%
What’s your reaction to Amnesty International calling the Guantanamo prison a "gulag"?
The comment is right on the mark 43%
The remark is way off base 34%
There’s some truth to it, but Amnesty went too far 23%

I find it utterly astonishing that 43% of those who answered feel the description to be on the mark. Either these people really know what a gulag is like, or they are utter ignoramuses who are parroting Michael Moore talking points. Wake up folks. Far from perfect are we, but we are the good guys. You don’t want to find that out the hard way.


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I blogged previously, quite tongue in cheek, that internet sufixes (.com, .org and so on) should really be more specialized. Well, my suggestion must have reached the right desk. The .XXX TLD suffix has been approved for pornographic sites. It is voluntary, so all the talk that it will protect children is garbage, but I like the idea.


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Great Day

Every 20 years or so, a Cornell lightweight crew beats Harvard. My brother Paul coxswained the 1980 boat that beat them on Cayuga inlet. He has lived in Texas since graduating 25 years ago, and today he will be spending the first day of a six-week visit to our home. 

I am very excited about this trip, as my kids will be able to hang with their uncle, we can show off all the work we’ve done on the house, and share many laughs.

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