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…and Hitler didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor. The fact remains that evil needed to be dealt with-in both cases. That is more important than making political hay out of the war. We needed to stop Fascism and Nazism in the 40’s and we need to stop Islamo Fascism now.


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Some really dumb local politician foolishly posted a message on a Yahoo group calling his constituents idiots.

In an e-mail inadvertently posted this week to Brewster10509, a Yahoo group focusing on local issues, Assemblyman Willis Stephens, R-Southeast, referred to the members and their Internet opinions as "watching the idiots pontificate."

Stephens, an attorney, followed about an hour later with an apology — a mea culpa he stood by yesterday. He blamed his misplaced missive on his dismay over his expected 2006 primary opponent hijacking his name for a Web site address.

The posting sparked a criticism from his opponent and various opinions from residents participating on the site. Comments ranged from forgiving Stephens for his boo-boo to politics-is-politics remarks. Others faulted Greg Ball, a former Air Force officer planning to challenge Stephens next year, for an insincere denouncement of the lawmaker’s faux pas. Many, though, adopted a tongue-in-cheek attitude.

"I’m disappointed he would call us pontificating idiots," said Peter Hansen, 51, of Patterson, a laboratory equipment salesman. "It’s an oxymoron. It’s sort of like an honest politician or an ethical attorney."

Or an assemblyman with common sense.

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DALLAS — The American Gold Star Mothers agreed yesterday to admit noncitizens into the group for mothers of fallen soldiers, ending a 76-year-old ban that caused an uproar when a woman from Yonkers was denied membership.


"I fought a good fight, and I won," said Georgianne Carter-Krell, head of the Florida chapter and a national board member who led the charge to change the rule. "I am very pleased for Gold Star Mothers. We have finally done what is right."

Locally, there were two mothers, one from Yonkers, the other from Mount Vernon, who had been denied membership after their sons were killed in service to their country. I thought denying their admission to be grossly unfair. I cannot imagine the pain of losing one of my children, but one of the things I would do is to find the support of others who lost their children as well. These woman, whose sons bore the ultimate sacrifice, were left alone by the very people they now had the most in common with. A terrible injustice has now been corrected.


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Before real estate agents had web pages, many of us used voicemail as a marketing tool. For instance, if you cruised by a house I had listed for sale around 1996 or 1997, there would be a phone number for an automated hotline you could call with no fear of dealing with a live salesperson that would tell you all about the house. It was a great system- press one for house description, two for mortgage information, three to schedule a showing, etc. If you wanted to reach me in person, all you needed to do was press zero and you’d be rerouted to my cellular phone. People appreciated that because it was informative and non-threatening. I liked it because I didn’t waste my time with looky lous and those I spoke with already knew the particulars.

Other industries have discovered voicemail, and as you and I both know, it is seldom used as the helpful tool I used it for, but as a barrier between them and us. Most of the time, "voicemail hell" is a nuisance, such as when we are trying to call our bank or utility company. However, one industry where voicemail should be utterly illegal is health care. It is disconcerting, no, it is frightening, to be an elderly person with a physician referral in hand and instructions to be admitted to a hospital for life-preserving treatment only to spend 45 minutes listening, dialing, listening, dialing, then, finally reaching a human being and subsequently dumped back into voicemail.

I don’t buy the excuse that health care workers are overworked and underpaid. They may well be, but we had tens of millions of people in this country for many years before the advent of voicemail and we still managed. What is particularly noteworthy about this dereliction of service is that my worst experience with it has been in New York City hospitals. How is it that the Big Apple, mecca to compassionate liberals who have recited the same mantra for decades that health care is a civil right, is worse than Texas, which those same people derisively call Bushistan? Why is it that my brother was able to have a kidney/pancreas transplant in 1998 in Texas with fewer headaches than what my father in law is exposed to in an average week when he goes to kidney dialysis? The answer as I see it is right out of a Stephen Covey book. Elsewhere, people own the problems they come across. Here, all too often, 5 o’clock is God and anyone standing in the way is brushed aside. It is a shame to paint with such a broad brush, but I cannot ignore what has been before my eyes for years for the sake of diplomacy. Bureaucratic pencil pushers are satan and we have more in New York than anywhere else.

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My Granddad Cut His Hair

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Dear Sir or Madam:

I do not care if Tom Cruise loves Katie Holmes or not, nor do I care what he thinks of psychoanalysis or anti-depressants. It seems to me that he’d benefit from both.

While I have your attention, I am quite ambivalent as to whom Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, or Angelina Jolie share their bed with, unless the latter two are with each other and you have footage. Other than that, I don’t care.

While I agree that it is unfortunate that Oprah Winfrey was not allowed to buy a $10,000 handbag after hours at a Paris boutique, I wish you’d devote your resources to examining why my father in law, also a minority and a 79 year old dialysis patient, is treated like garbage by health care "professionals" when he tries to get medical attention for his failing arm access.

I don’t care if you ever write another thing about Michael Jackson. Ever.

If you continue to barrage me with meaningless poop, such as what drawer Oprah took her underwear out of this morning, or who Tom Cruise looked at sideways after they pointed out that he isn’t an MD, I will continue to change the channel or ignore the publication as needed to maintain my sanity. Have a nice day.

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This Makes Me Feel Old

Derek Jeter turned 31 years of age today.

Unfortunately, the Yankees stink just as bad as they did when I was a kid.

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