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Man, I Am Boring

A quick inventory of my pop culture interests reveal that I am astonishingly pedestrian.

  • I love baseball and root for the Yankees (yes even in the 80’s).
  • I also am a big fan of the Giants, Knicks, Rangers, and my alma mater, the Villanova University Wildcats.
  • I love James Bond Films.
  • Sean Connery was the best Bond.
  • I love the original Star Trek and Twilight Zone. I have little interest in other versions.
  • The greatest cartoons ever made were the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes.
  • The Blues Brothers, Animal House, or 70’s-era Woody Allen, are all just fine by me.
  • I liked all the Alien movies and hope they make more
  • Monty Python is awesome.
  • Fawlty Towers is almost as good.
  • Ditto for Taxi, for vastly different reasons.
  • I enjoyed the Sopranos, Godfather I & II, and Goodfellas.
  • I think most reality TV is the bane of creativity and evidence that network producers are bigger whores than anyone in Times Square in the 70’s.
  • My musical tastes have diversified enormously in recent years but if I were stranded on a desert island with Boston, Pink Floyd and almost anything WNEW-FM played in 1977-78 I’d be OK.
  • I hated Disco when it was alive but like it now.
  • I’m a dog guy (two yellow labs) but had a cat for 13 years.
  • My dad couldn’t get me to do yard work without drama. I now love to garden and landscape the place.
  • I was a 4 year varsity wrestler in high school and a 4 year member of Villanova Crew. I still love both sports.
  • I am not addicted to TiVo. I could stop at any time. Honest.
  • I’m a leg man.
  • Ann has the legs of a rockette, but I’d like to think I’d have married her if she didn’t.
  • I happen to think that any woman on TV in the morning got her job because some producer decided that she is the type that a 25-54 year old male would not mind waking up to.
  • Outside of comedy, sports, and science fiction I can think of very little mental comfort food.
  • However, many old movies (TCM type) fit the bill.

These recollections also come to mind:

  • The movies I was raised on were It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, The Quiet Man, and Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. One litmus test for women I dated was that they liked all three. One objected to the objectification of women in The Quiet Man. She was working on a PhD. I don’t know if she ever got it, nor do I care. 
  • As a kid, local channel 7 used to have a daily 4:30 movie. I counted the days until "Monster Week" and 5 consecutive Japanese monster movies Godzilla and Mothra, et al. How I miss that stuff. Ann and I sometimes try and recall the theme to the 4:30 movie but cannot
  • Another channel had "Chiller Theater" with a hand coming out of the mud, the words ‘chiller theater’ spoken, and then the hand sinking under again as an intro. That was mostly bad 50’s B sci fi movies
  • We also watched The Honeymooners, Lost in Space, I Dream of Jeannie, and, later, Sha Na Na.
  • My boyhood idols were Reggie Jackson, Ron Guidry, Thurman Munson, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu, & Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • I was ambivalent about Farrah Fawcett Majors but nuts over Lynda Carter. Turns out I was right.
  • Yes, I liked Star Wars and still do.
  • Way back when, my father listened to WMCA and my mother listened to WOR to the likes of Bernard Meltzer, John Gambling, Bob and Ray, Joan Hamburg (still kicking) and Ed & Pegeen Fitzgerald.
  • Saturday Morning cartoons were anchored by Scooby Doo and Josie & the Pussycats.
  • Sunday Mornings were Wonderama with Bob McAllister, Church, the Italian bakery for hard rolls, hard boiled eggs, and the Bowery Boys on channel 11
  • No holiday was without King King and Mighty Joe Young.
  • When I was really small, I played with blocks, Lincoln Logs, GI Joe (pre-kung fu grip) and little green plastic army men.
  • Our sphere of influence was astonishingly stable: all friends and neighbors seemed to be happily married and at least 3 kids, often more. Divorce happened on TV.

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I would love to avoid the lines, but it seems that I cannot read half of my blogroll without some Star Wars***spoiler alert***. So, my hand is forced. Tomorrow (today?), Ann and I will set out for Queens, drop the pups off with her parents, and put up with the crowds so I can read all this stuff without having the movie completely ruined.

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I have wondered this for a while, and a fellow blogger who quite frankly laps me many times over in traffic also noticed, so I will now ask: how can I be classified as a "large mammal" in the TTLB Ecosystem with this tiny blog (if this is beyong you, scroll down the right margin to the ‘Net Stuff category, just under Bert)?
As far as I can see, the ecosystem’s ranking system is tied in to some combination of traffic and/or other blogs links to that site. I did place myself in pro life blogs and Blogs for Terri back when I started on typepead, but by that logic all the other members would be ranked highly and they aren’t. If any slob can join a few blogrolls and suddenly leapfrog past other more established blogs, then the ranking is seriously flawed. Maybe there is something I cannot see.
At any rate, I did not start this endeavor seeking a high traffic blog. Traffic is nice, and I know from my comments, emails and typepad system that people read, and I find that gratifying. Some blogs that I read daily (most of my blogroll) such as Andrew Clem, Dave Friedman’s Soul of Wit,  KipEsquire, and A Red Mind in a Blue State have blogrolled me, and I am honored. In another 100 days, I’ll be getting as much value from expressing myself here whether my readership declines or triples. 

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This guy is exhibit A in the wisdom that it is better to keep your mouth shut in case people think you are clueless than to open your yap and remove all doubt.  Parroting the AARP kool aid line that SS "has always kept it’s promise" as the reason to keep things status quo is beyond help.
Social Security is a ponzi scheme invented in circumstances 70+ years ago with assumptions that no longer exist. In the 1930’s, the benefit was supposed to begin at the very year of the then-current life expectancy: 62. There were 16 people paying in for every beneficiary at that time. Today that number stands around 4. Worse, the age of eligibility is essentially the same but lives are 12-14 years longer on average and rising all the time. What’s more, LBJ added medicare to the expenditures in the 60’s, so the funds must now cover all the geriatric costs of these people who are now living longer. So do the math. If you want to raise the benefit age to 75 I’ll listen. However, the liberal solution is to tax the living crap out of my generation while keeping everything else the same. Sorry, no can do. You boomers had all this time to fix the thing and were too busy protesting everything else so don’t come to me with your hat in your hand. I have enough headaches than to finance your comfortable retirement. Perhaps we should tack on more years of employment for any you lost in the 60’s and 70’s trying to get back to Eden.
Diligent citizens no doubt gearing for the 21st century
Oh, and don’t waste my time with MCI, Enron, or the privatization debacle in Chile. There is a word for anyone who had all their assets in one company (or sector for that matter): dumb. I have a stronger word for any non-Chilean who invested in that market. I’d love to opt out, but then I’d be labeled as uncaring by condescending bleeding hearts who deal with the guilt of being in the lucky sperm club by looking out for the less fortunate. To those people I’d say you are already doing a crappy job for the less fortunate.
Arguments against private accounts that do not grasp the idea of dollar cost averaging over the decades frankly do not merit a response. Let me clue you in: if the market is at the same or worse value in 10, 20, or 30 years as it is now, we’ve got bigger problems than Social effing Security.

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