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I will admit that nothing represents the Al Bundyfication of US males quite like the TV remote. In this embarrassment of riches we have in this country, it is sad that the misplacement of the damn thing can set the household on it’s ear the way it does. But it does.

With the pitter patter of little feet in our home, everything gets misplaced. Upon occasion, the TV remote has been so lost for so long we’ve had to buy a new one. I can think of two that never turned up, ever. Up until this week, we had good luck with the TiVo remote, and that is fortunate because it has to be ordered via DirecTV. After two days of looking that culminated with Ann calling herself a "couch gynecologist" with no luck, I called and ordered a new one.

The moment I hung up, she wondered aloud how quickly the lost one would turn up now that we shelled out money. The answer? 30 seconds. This is not the first time this has happened. I know there are explanations, but mine is that God has a sense of humor.

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It’s Kendra

Kendra is the new Apprentice. Although I pulled for Tana much of the way, she had way too much Amway Mary Kay sales rally in her to be taken seriously as an executive. Kendra, on the other hand, got better with each installment. I will admit to being biased toward a real estate broker. While the series seems to have declined in quality with each season, she is, in my eyes, every bit as good as Bill Rancic and Kelly Perdew.

This was not my favorite finale. That would be season 2, when Jennifer was absolutely embarrassed by the show of support everyone except her boss showed Kelly. This spoke to the importance of personal likability in business. Jennifer couldn’t mask her bitchiness brazen ambition, and that obscured Kelly’s vanilla personality. Tana and Kendra were far more engaging, and while I’d give Tana the edge in charisma, she was way too rough around the edges.

They will spin off another series with Martha Stewart and I guess Trump will remain in the mix. I’m not inspired enough to look it up. One request to the producers: please, no more gimmicks. Book smarts vs street smarts was an abject failure, and some of the street guys were really sub par.

Update: 007 fans will love Kendra’s website. She should ditch the glamour shots. Verna, the one who quit in the 2nd or 3rd week, also has a site where she markets herself as a speaker. What would she talk about, how to quit? And why do so many of the candidates’s web pages have all that annoying multi media flash garbage? Tana’s site is almost unreadable.

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Tony at A Red Mind in a Blue State, whose default setting is typically clicked on "correct" has a different take from my own lamentations about my school district. In our election, two of the three candidates I voted for won, and the budget I voted against passed.

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