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If you want to get nothing done in a hurry, have the issue rot in a public committee. If you want something done, attach a profit get the private sector involved.

Donald Trump wants to be given the job of rebuilding Ground Zero.

The business mogul wants to rebuild the twin towers at the World Trade Centre site, almost exactly the same only 1ft taller than the 1,360ft buildings destroyed on September 11, 2001.

He branded Daniel Libeskind’s plan “the worst pile of crap architecture I’ve ever seen in my life” and said it looked like a junk yard.

Proposing the design be scrapped, he presented a model of his envisaged towers at a press conference at Trump Tower in New York.

“If we rebuild the World Trade Centre in the form of a skeleton, the terrorists win,” he said. “In a nutshell, Freedom Tower should not be allowed to be built. It’s not appropriate for downtown Manhattan. It’s not appropriate for Manhattan. It’s not appropriate for the United States, and it’s not appropriate for freedom.”

I couldn’t agree more. I have never understood why New York, home of some of the best business minds in the world, feels the need to bring in out of towners to take on a signature project, let alone one that is supposed to memorialize the loss of 3000 of our own. I say let a New Yorker do a New York project. Moreover, let’s send a message that we aren’t daunted. Ditch the TV show and get to work, Donald.

This is the message I would send to Osama:



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Perhaps this punctuates the country’s need to laugh; maybe it is a slow news week. Either way, Dave Chappelle’s sudden season-delaying flight to South  Africa to collect his thoughts is actually on the cover of Time Magazine. It is not the cover story, mind you, but it still speaks to the guy’s appeal. Maybe Time is just trying to keep up with the Red Guy in a Blue State.

TIME Magazine Cover: Inside Bill's New X-Box - May 23, 2005: Bill Gates, Microsoft, Technology -- Click for Table of Contents

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The free ride is over. The NYTimes.com is now going to become a subscription based site, so I now must choose as to whether or not I get my news from other sources or if I will pay to get annoyed. My knee jerk response is to send them packing, but we’ll see. My brother tells me it will be $49.99 annually, and if that includes the archives it may be worth it.

I expose myself to a wide range of media, from the Washington Times to the UK Guardian and from Bob Grant to Randi Rhodes. Omitting the Times seems like a bit much over the principle of the thing, but then again, there IS the principle of the thing.

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With the onset of warm weather, I must confess to a renewal of my love for an oldie but a goody: italian ices. I don’t give a damn what flavor-cherry, watermelon, lemon, chocolate, you name it. They are all great. Go get yourself one. They are one of life’s most underrrated pleasures.


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