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Like many people, I view the Dave Chappelle show as one of my guilty pleasures. The man is hilarious. I saw the "60 Minutes" report on him a few months back and he struck me as a grounded individual with a good support structure around him: a loving mother, wife, and children, and and large creative discretion granted by his employer. His new $50 million contract could not come without pressure, but his way of putting it into context made me believe in him.
That is why I was surprised to read that his show is suspended while he checked himself into a mental health facility in, of all places, South Africa. Now the story is that he is not in any facility and simply taking time off away from the hangers on.
I don’t know what it is like to have the pressure of a contract that huge. I don’t know what it takes to produce a 13 episode series of a cutting edge comedy sketch show. I don’t know if the network is meddling or if he does have the free creative discretion they say he has. However, I would think that the guy is confident enough to put out the same product he has already produced for two seasons without melting down. All I can do is wish him well and hope for his sake he emerges a better man, and, in my own selfish way, that he’s ready to get back to work again.

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