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Freakonomics is out in the stores, and I am taking heat for criticizing the author. The Yankees stink. We just observed VE day, and the LA Times is calling it a tainted victory. North Korea sucks. I took my state exam today to be an independent Real Estate Broker. There is so much to write about my head is spinning.

Therefore, I garden. I planted a few hundred pachysandra on the west side of the house along the walk, one at a time until I had a healthy stripe of green leaves reaching skyward. I was out there from the time the kids went to bed until 10:30pm, working by the light of the motion light. It kept turning off and I would have to stand up, walk over, and wave my arms every 10 minutes to get more light. My fingernails are caked with dirt, my knees are shot, and my back is no longer speaking with me.

How I needed that.


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