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The Winner is…Bella

After a herculean effort, we finally finished moving the furniture back into the playroom after the installation of brand new wall to wall carpet. I asked Ann what the over/under was on one of the dogs "baptizing" it. Three days, she says. She took the over. A mere three hours later, I am in the yard when I hear a blood curdling scream. I run inside and she stops me. "DON’T OPEN THE DOOR YOU’LL MAKE IT WORSE!" There was a brief pause while the scene registered.
Think "worst case scenario." The culprit was Bella, the younger of our two yellow labs. Both she and Logan are quite house trained.
After surveying the astonishing damage to our beautiful carpet, I inhaled, raised my arms, and screamed ‘I had the under! I win!"
This may have not been the wisest choice of words.

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Light blogging today, but I have linked to some excellent thoughts from some excellent individuals.
My buddy Andrew Clem has an outstanding post today on health care hypocrisy on the part of some corporations like Starbucks.
Tony Iovino at A Red Mind in a Blue State made some excellent points yesterday on education. One of his observations was that as long as teachers act like teamsters they will not be considered true professionals. I agree.
KipEsquire is damn good. Good musings today on Hillary, South Park, and the NY Times. Just read his stuff.
Dave Friedman, a very bright guy, has some real estate posts. I love to read about my chosen field.
Today is not just Ascension Thursday. Atlas Shrugs reminds us that it is also Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Memorial Day.
I am off to move furniture. So much for an exciting Cinco De Mayo.

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