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Falling approval ratings for California Governor Schwarzenegger seem to have the media in a feeding frenzy. The honeymoon was bound to end at some point, and some view his "plummeting popularity" as the beginning of the end.
In a poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, a nonpartisan group in San Francisco, there was a 20 percentage point drop in Mr. Schwarzenegger’s approval rating among registered voters, to 40 percent in April from 60 percent in January. By comparison, Gov. Gray Davis, who was removed from office in a recall election, had a 62 percent approval rating in a poll taken two years into his first term.
Upon further examination, this appears to be a well choreographed effort on the part of organized labor, which has been running critical commercials.
Roger Salazar, a spokesman for the California Education Coalition, which includes the teacher’s union and other school groups opposed to Mr. Schwarzenegger’s spending on education, said the coalition has spent about $4 million or $5 million on the commercials. Mr. Schwarzenegger’s aides estimate the total is closer to $15 million, far more, they say, than the advertisements some of Mr. Schwarzenegger’s supporters have begun broadcasting in response.
Arnold is, admittedly, at a low ebb in popularity. However, the unions’ money to spend on negative commercials is finite, and the people will see through much of the chicanery and maneuvering. How fickle people are. A few short months ago, there was talk of amending the Constitution to allow naturalized citizens like him to run for president. That speaks to the measure of the opposition though, so I like Arnold’s chances. This man knows how to win. Anyone who underestimates his ability to rebound does so to their own detriment.

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