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Mel Gibson appeared on Hannity and Colmes last night and spoke of the "inevitability of gradualism." The term, while awkward,  sounds accurate. 30 years ago, Karen Quinlan’s family had to sue to have their daughter taken off life support. The doctors refused to do any action that would result in death on moral grounds. An appellate court sided with the parents, and the respirator was turned off.

She did not die. She breathed on her own. She lived 9 more years, and the thought of removing her feeding tube was never considered. At that time, it was unacceptable.

Euthanasia advocates have now gotten courts and legislators to categorize ordinary means like food and water with extraordinary means like a respirator. They water down the terminology with things like "artificial means." Assisted suicide is legal in one of our states. Extremists are lobbying for it in other states. The creep is slow, but, as Gibson put it, death advocates are gradually chipping away at what a civilized society’s sensibilities are relative to the value of life.

I am shocked that there will be an autopsy, but I read on Donald Sensing that the autopsy is mandated by law.

Terri’s parents were not allowed to be at her side. That is despicable.

The day before she died, Terri had what is called the "death pant," which is the end stage of death by dehydration. One thing I will not tolerate is being told that such a ghastly process is peaceful. When I was 25, my father died at age 72 from a prolonged terminal illness. He was in horrible pain. I understand end of life issues more than I care to. There was nothing I wanted to do more than alleviate his pain. But the purpose of life is not the mere avoidance of pain. He died in his good time, medication helped manage the suffering, and we were complete. It is a sad day that Terri’s passing has not given those who loved her the same closure.


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I will be removing Unfiltered Radio from my blog roll. This is not because I won’t read liberal sources; I do. I can’t read liberal sources that do not exist. Unfiltered Radio will be replaced on Air America this April Fool’s Day by none other than Jerry Springer. I wasn’t aware of this until recently, but before he was a fake talk show host, he was an attorney and politician, serving a term as the Mayor of Cincinnati in the 70’s. His name has even been mentioned as a candidate for senator from Ohio. 
*Sigh* From astronaut to space cadet.

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This is either an ironic mistake or someone is a hacker with a terrible sense of humor.
AIM (AOL Instant Message) users who clicked on the welcome screen link entitled "Schiavo is Said to be Failing, Parents Prepare" got this article instead.
The headline reads:
Burger King to Offer Whopper of a Breakfast Sandwich

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That question is posed by Professor Rick Duncan at Red State Lawblog. The professor enjoys the distinction of being a red mind in blue academia. Among his other questions:

How long will it be before such a book by Michael Schiavo hits the streets? Three months? Six months? Is it already being ghost-written for him? Is there already a publishing contract? How large is the advance?

Good questions. Maybe we should start a red bloggers ring.

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Catherine’s Easter Dress

The pictures are back. I can’t resist.


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Yes, I know the protesters give Jesus a bad name.

What about this?

 Jr. Raglan

This is bringing out the worst in so many of us, not just a few zealots who may be getting mileage at her expense.

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Easter 2005

Happy Easter.

Liberal bloggers are objecting to what I woud view as a relatively balanced piece by David Brooks of the Times on how the left and right differ over Terri Schiavo.

Supporters of Michael Schiavo feel confident about their views because they are supported by the rulings of the court. However, as this column by Thomas Sowell explains, the fact that 19 rulings went in Michael Schiavo’s favor doesn’t make them 19 times as correct as suporters of the Schindlers. Here’s why:

When a case goes up to a higher court on appeal, the issue before the appellate court is not whether they agree with the merits of the decision of the lower court. In a criminal case, for example, the issue before the appellate court is not whether the defendant was guilty or innocent, but whether the trial was conducted properly.

The facts of the case were never reviewed.


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