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The headline of the article I linked to below has been changed, no doubt because an editor couldn’t stomach anything too positive. The previous headline

High Turnout in Baghdad Points to Early Success

Has morphed into

Amid Attacks, a Party Atmosphere on Baghdad’s Closed Streets

So, we go from "high turnout" and "success" to "attacks" and "closed streets."

Nothing is too subtle for the Times.


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Even the NY Times Concedes

I am blown away. I can’t decide what is more shocking, the actual news or the Times’ coverage.

From the article on the front page of their website:

"If the insurgents wanted to stop people from voting, they failed. If they wanted to cause chaos, they failed. The voters were completely defiant, and although there was never the sense that the insurgency was over, there was a feeling that the people of Baghdad, showing a new, positive attitude, had turned a corner.
The atmosphere in this usually grim capital, a city at war and an ethnic microcosm of the country, had changed, with people dressed in their finest clothes to go to the polls in what was generally a convivial mood."

Even as the people know that the violence isn’t over, the Silent Majority are finally making their voice heard anyway. God Bless ’em.

What is a liberal to do? How can they politicize good news from Iraq, where fewer people have died in the election thus far (5:56 pm local time) than have perished in traffic accidents here in the States?

I know how. More pap on how conservatives are "sore winners."

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The news is that Proctor and Gamble’s acquisition of Gillette will earn Warren Buffett $645 million in a matter of a day. God Bless him. I have always admired Mr. Buffett’s smart business practices. He’s bought stable companies to be sure, but also companies in businesses he grasps. He wisely steered clear of the technology boom and bust because he didn’t have a firm understanding of the sector. He’s a bargain hunter, and he has to understand an industry to judge value. That’s why I invest in Real Estate; I get it.

Typically, one would think that someone in Buffett’s shoes would be somewhat conservative politically. This is not the case. Like Ted Turner and other super-rich types, Buffett has come out with some rather nutty opinions- among them, population control. You see this among the very succesful sometimes; they decide at some point that since they are smart and successful they must now save the world.

Among Buffett’s opinions in recent times is his stand against the inheritance tax reductions proposed by the administration. They use this as a political football to cast anyone who leaves a decent sized estate behind as wealthy. It makes for easy class warfare. A few months ago, The National Review shed some light as to why Buffett has decried lowering the tax: it is bad for business. If a privately held company has problems with the heirs being able to pay the estate tax, they are forced to sell, and often at a mark down. This is how WB got The Buffalo News for below market value.

So, although Mr. Buffett gets good PR for being a rich guy who sticks up for the little people, don’t buy it. He’s looking out for Number One.

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Bush’s Inaugural

I am sure that everyone on the left who has shown the requisite amount of righteous indignation over the $40 million inaugural festivities will be consistent and call on Hollywood to scale down the Oscar proceedings. The Oscars are far less essential to democracy than the office of president of the USA. Surely, in light of all the suffering in the world, Hollywood will realize that red carpets, thousand dollar gowns, self congratulatory speeches and gaudy parties are as vulgar for do gooders as they are for conservatives.

Bill Clinton’s $43 million 1997 inaugural was far more appropriate because back then there were no natural disasters, genocide, AIDS crisis, or poverty. That stuff only matters when a republican is in office.

Remember when Jimmy Carter would wear a sweater in the Oval Office during the 70’s energy crisis? That sure was a high water mark for our nation. Austerity in the oval office always works wonders for the national psyche.


I am always perplexed as to why religious fundamentalists feel the need to be homophobic about animated children’s characters. While this may not be James Dobson’s finest moment, to subordinate the fine work he has done over his distinguished career to this controversy would be the height of intellectual dishonesty.

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